Summer Bucket List Ideas (and FREE Printable)

Each season we try to come up with some ideas for a ‘Bucket List’, or things we want to do.  Life has been crazy and we didn’t create a winter one but we got to do some amazing things (like visit the North Pole to meet Santa!), regardless of a list.  I find that having a list helps motivate me to get up and actually do, but that’s just me!

Summer Bucket List LLandLoL

Here’s an example of a Summer Bucket.  Ours is usually more specific (Pizza Party would be more specific, right now the kids are obsessed with that pizza mouse) but the beauty of a bucket list is that it can be adjusted to fit your family.  Getting the kids involved in coming up with ideas is half the fun; so make sure to ask them, too!

Last year we wrote our list on a poster board and color coded it.  Green for free (or at home) activities, Yellow for moderately expensive and Red for things that need a little extra planning and saving for.  Often I would let them pick what to do and told them the color they could pick from.

Last summer we did a TON of stuff (check out the post where I share how to keep kids busy without breaking the bank), this year we have a simpler bucket list that we’re using as a guideline…I am hoping to add more to it!

Here’s the FREE PRINTABLE to our simple Summer Bucket List.

What’s on your agenda/Summer Bucket List, please share below!

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