DIY Wooden Kitchen (Re-Purposed Bookshelf)

My sons love to help in the kitchen and I knew a while back I wanted to add a play kitchen to the playroom.  I started keeping an eye out for sales, deals and second hand options.  I wasn’t exactly opposed to a plastic piece but really preferred a wooden set.  The price for wooden kitchen was far too high, I was seeing them used for hundreds!  Also, I wasn’t finding many neutral options.  I don’t mind a pink kitchen and my kids certainly wouldn’t care, but I did find it interesting that the neutral or ‘boy’ kitchens seemed few and far between with a very limited supply and choice.

DIY Kitchen

So I set out to make a DIY Play Kitchen for my kids.  It was a fairly easy project, really.  It took a few weeks but only because I wasn’t able to work on it often (an hour here, 30 minutes there etc).  I made this a while ago but I’ll try my best to explain what I used and what I did.  I wish I had more photos of the process, but, again, I did this before I was writing DIY posts or blogging at all!



You Will Need:
Corner Braces
Friction Lid Support
Nails and Screws
Metal Bowl
Drawer Knobs
Drawer Pull
Magnetic Push Latch
E6000 Glue
Plastic Lids (or something for the burners)
Optional plexiglass or thick plastic

I took an old small bookshelf we’d had for quite some time and measured the dimensions for the new shelf and for the piece to divide one shelf and make an ‘oven’.  I figured out the size of the oven door, too and had Lowe’s cut my wood for me before coming home with all my supplies.

DIY Wooden Play Kitchen

Using the corner braces (for my small kitchen I only used 1 inch braces) I added the shelf and put the divider in and used nails through the back to reinforce the new additions.

I added the drawer pull to the piece of wood for the oven door, cut a whole for the plexiglass/plastic and glued it to the back for the oven door. Then Hubs helped attach the oven door to the bookshelf. I was worried about the door falling open so we used a magnetic push latch to keep it closed (but the kids could easily open it too) and the friction lid support was to ensure the door didn’t fall and hit shins or smash toes.  It keeps the oven door from opening all the way to the ground.

Next came the hole for the sink.  Using a jigsaw (my first time!), I cut a hole for my dollar store metal bowl (score!) to fit.  The bowl was perfect because it had a small lip that sits perfectly.  I used E6000 glue on the metal bowl and kept a brick in it over night while it set.

I searched and searched for an inexpensive idea for the faucet.  I wanted knobs they could actually turn (both for the stove top and faucet).  I found this extremely simple faucet for $10.  It was a perfect!  It comes ready to use with plastic screws to connect it to a real sink/faucet.  I just cut them off flush to the piece and glued it in place using E6000 and a clamp to keep it in place overnight.

I picked a paint color and decided last minute to add some chalkboard paint to the side, for menus, lists and just plan doodling if they liked.  The paint is simply an acrylic paint I got at Michael’s using a coupon.

Kitchen From Book Shelf

I painted plastic lid tops (these came from toddler snack canisters) with chalkboard paint (I thought they could use chalk to indicate a ‘hot’ burner or not (that feature is rarely used so any paint will do) and glued those on the other side of the sink.  The burner knobs are drawer or cabinet knobs.  I got them at Lowe’s for $1- there are more expensive options but these worked great.

I bought some play food and some pots and pans from the dollar store and our little DIY Play Kitchen was complete!  In total I spend about $65, not too shabby!  The boys love their kitchen and I love that it was inexpensive and one of a kind.

Easy DIY Play Kitchen



  1. I cannot tell you just how amazing this is!! Really cool…I am definitely pinning this one :)

  2. This project is just brilliant! What a fantastic idea and so easy!

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