Planning and Saving for Disneyland

Disney on a BudgetI was recently invited to an amazing conference for Disney Social Media Moms (On the Road) #DisneySMMoms and got the inside scoop on Disney related stuff, as well as amazing info from some role-model worthy women (check out my social media for more on the conference).  This prompted me to really make a decision…it is time to seriously consider a family vacation to Disneyland!

We are big Disney fans in this house.  We show our DisneySide in some way everyday.  All six of us have our own Disney favorites; Jelly Bean, my red-headed 12 year old stepdaughter grew up loving Ariel and her resemblance to Merida is uncanny.  Seriously, people have stopped us and told us to seek out monetary compensation because clearly “Disney used her as a model!” My younger boys have watched all of the Toy Story movies over and over and most recently Frozen has been playing on a loop.  My husband’s favorite is by far The Sword in the Stone.  And I refuse to pick just one and since I am the writer of this article; I don’t have to!

Disney's Brave

Disney Snack

My oldest boy is now 5 and has been asking when he’ll get to visit the magical and mysterious land of Disney, or as you and I call it, Disneyland.  The younger two boys are blissfully unaware that there is a place, only 7 hours away, that houses all their favorite Disney characters, rides, food and magic.  Jelly Bean has been lucky enough in her short life of only 12 years to have visited Disneyland twice.  I have a burning desire to share the pixie dust with my kiddos and have become determined to take them in the next year.  It would be an especially amazing experience for my nephew (you can read about our Kinship Foster Care story here) who has never traveled and who’s future is somewhat uncertain and who might not get the chance to feel the Disney magic later in life.

We live on one income and our budget is very tight.  We don’t use credit cards so we’ll be saving old school for this trip; little by little.  I prefer this way because their is no debt involved and it gives our whole family something to work for and get excited about.  Would it be awesome to get some Disney instant gratification and go next month?  ABSOLUTELY!! Does that really work for my family of 6? Not really.

Photo Credit: Scott Brinegar/Disneyland

Photo Credit: Scott Brinegar/Disneyland

My first step in planning is to price out some trip prices.  Because I am hoping to take them around this time next year I can get a pretty good idea of how much a trip like this will cost.  Planning is half the fun (if you are new here let me introduce myself, “Hi, I am Nicole and I LOVE to plan and organize things…it’s kind of an obsession”) and I am getting really excited with all the amazing options and things to see while visiting Disneyland.  It’s been almost 10 years since I last went!

So,  I am putting our plan out into the world!  To make this work I’ll be working extra hard here on the blog and tightening up any extra spending for a while here!  I know we can do it, though and I am excited to see it all come together.  Of course, I’ll be sharing my saving and planning along the way.

Share some money-saving tips for Disney below!



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