Why Everybody Should Visit Berlin at Least Once

Everybody who goes to Berlin will tell you something different about the country. There’s one thing that resonates with just about everybody though: they love the place! Songs have even been written about the place! Berlin is full of fun and interesting things to do – everybody should visit there at least once. There are over 8 million visitors to Berlin each year. Here’s why I think you should join them:

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Berlin is The Capital of Germany

Berlin is the capital of the great country Germany (who have recently won the World Cup!). If this isn’t reason to visit enough, I don’t know what is! Germany is a fascinating place, and the capital is somewhere everyone should see. So many important events have taken place here, and you can learn all about them!


You’ll Get to Experience the Fantastic Culture

For creative and exotic people, Berlin is the only place to be. The culture is very urban, and you’ll get to experience this just by walking on down the street.


You Can Party the Night Away

Love partying? Well, Berlin is your city! Not only do they have a load of fantastic nightclubs, they also only close when you want to go home. How amazing is that? You can party until you literally drop (I only recommend this if you have somebody to carry you home).


It’s Famous for Electronic Music

Love electronic, techno, and house music? Berlin is the home to this genre of music. Of course, you can experience many other styles here, but electronic music is prominent and has been since the 90s.


The Fashion and Shopping

For the shopaholics and fashionistas out there, you’ll love shopping in Berlin. There are multiple stores and boutiques, and there are plenty of fantastic designers out there selling their wares at reasonable prices. No breaking the bank for you! Many trends begin in this city!


The Art and Museums

Art and museums are ripe in Berlin. Museum lovers always flock to Berlin to get their educational/arty fix. Many of them are free to visit too!


The Food and Restaurants

Deciding where to eat in Berlin is always going to be a hard choice. You have a choice of fancy restaurants, classic eateries, and even street food vendors all serving up tasty morsels to satisfy your hunger.


The Old and New Mix Up

Berlin is constantly improving and transforming. This means that you’ll notice a mix up of old and new on arrival. Some areas are in progress, others look very futuristic, and others look almost antique. It’s fabulous! You can almost feel as if you’re in two different time zones at once.


The Price

Berlin isn’t a particularly expensive country. You can find pretty much everything you need at a reasonable price, including accommodation. Venere hotels in Berlin, for example, won’t break the bank.


Are you convinced that you need to visit Berlin yet? Or perhaps you’ve already been? Let me know what you think of this great place in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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