A Guide To Creating A Child Friendly Living Room


If you have kids living in your house, you will know that children and mess go hand-in-hand. The more children you have, the more clutter your home will be filled with.

But, just because you have kids it doesn’t mean you have to live in a mess or sacrifice on style.


To create a family-friendly living room that the whole brood can enjoy, have a read of this:


Choose a child-friendly paint


Children have a habit of leaving mucky hand prints everywhere, so you may find using a washable paint rather handy. For a paint that can be easily cleaned, choose either a satin or semigloss style. For a matte style of paint, you can choose a washable make can be easily wiped over with a damp sponge to remove stains.

If your children are always drawing on the wall, why not embrace it? Invest in a chalkboard, magnetic style or dry erase type of paint, which will allow your kids to scribble safely on the walls. Best of all, any marks can be easily wiped off.


Opt for a kid-friendly sofa


Leather sofas are one of the best options for a child-friendly home. Not only does leather look good and feel comfortable, it is also easy to clean. Sofas made out of sunbrella materials are also excellent options for a child-friendly living room. Some furniture brands offer tougher materials that have stain resistant qualities, so are better choices for a family room.


Remember, choosing a darker coloured sofa will save you money in the long run, as they tend to wear longer than lighter coloured ones. If you opt for a darker sofa, you can always buy or make lighter coloured sofa covers to put over the top of it. Plus, couch covers can be easily cleaned or bleached if necessary.


Pick a child-friendly coffee table


Watching your little one fall onto the corner of the coffee table is a heart stopping moment. In order to prevent these kind of accidents occurring, opt for a more child-friendly alternative to a square coffee table.


Why not choose a round table or even a soft table – an upholstered ottoman or a couple of pouffes are great substitutes for a regular coffee table.


Think realistically


Whilst it might be nice to place your bookshelf at a low level, with small children around it is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to keep anything potentially dangerous or special out of the reach of little hands.


If you have young children, it might be a good idea to place your television on the wall instead of on a television cabinet. Kids have a habit of pulling things over, so it is a good idea to keep your child and television safe by keeping it out of reach. For added security, you could also protect your television with a protective case, for ideas have a look at TV Shields outdoor TV cover. Whilst these covers were created for outdoor use, they can also be effectively used indoors.


Choose child-friendly flooring


Spillages, sticky fingers and spilt sauces are all part of family life. Instead of worrying about them, keep things nice and simple by investing in easy-to-clean flooring.


Things like tiles, wooden flooring, laminate, and vinyl are all excellent choices. Try to steer clear of carpet as it can be tricky and expensive to clean.


Have ample storage


The key to keeping your home looking clutter-free is to provide lots of storage for toys and other bits and bobs. Things like wooden toy chests look great in most living rooms, are relatively cheap and offer excellent storage options.

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