Back Yard Update; Outdoor Living Space Decor

I am so excited!  Hubs and I decided to update our pool area and add a patio and we are almost done!  This wasn’t a DIY project, except when it comes to decor and furniture.  The budget for the actual renovation ended up going over a bit so the decor and furniture budget got a bit smaller.  No problem! If there is one thing I am good at, it’s finding deals on stuff I want!  Check out what we have purchased so far to make our pool area inviting and an extra living space, just outdoors.

Backyard Update

We added a concrete space to make the pool deck and living space bigger.  A wall was added, as well, to hide a dirt/rock area and add a place for drinks and even seating.  The pool pump was hidden by a tall wall and the last step was to redo the deck.  After much debate, we picked the color ‘suede’ and had a ‘flagstone’ pattern done.  The budget didn’t allow for pool repairs; we’ll need to fix the tiles at a later date and get the pool light working (it’s not just a new bulb, a whole new instillation is needed).  I think we may attempt a DIY pool tile fix.  We shall see! Basically, the actual pool was ignored (other than having it drained and cleaned).



The main goal was to add space AND get some shade.  So a gazebo was a must.  The grand plan was having a custom gazebo for space.  It is a weird shape so a custom one would be idea to get more shade.  Of course, that wasn’t in the cards, the budget just didn’t allow for it.  We got a great, highly rated, budget friendly gazebo online.



I have been wanting a fire pit for a while now.  I have visions of s’mores with the kids and curling up next to my husband.  The fire pit was actually one of the first purchases I made once we started this process.  It was less than $60 and a good size for occasional use.

What are some must have items for your outdoor space? Tell me below and be sure to check back for the big reveal and part 2 of this backyard update!


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