Chia Pudding (Vegan Recipe)

Vegan Breakfast

As many of you know, my teenage daughter (aka Jelly Bean) as been vegan for over a year now. We fully support her decision, she’s happy and healthy.  This recipe is great for breakfast or, if you add the option sweetness, a nice treat.

Vegan Chia Pudding with Fruit Topping

½ cup almond, soy or coconut milk

3 Tablespoon Chia seeds

¼ cup fresh fruit chopped

optional topping- agave nectar or honey

Easy Vegan Recipe

Makes 1 serving.

Mix chia seeds and milk alternative in a mason jar or cup.  Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. The chia seeds will plump and create a pudding like texture.  Top the pudding with cut fruit and serve cold.  For extra sweetness, drizzle agave nectar or honey on top of the fruit.

Dairy Free Vegan Recipe


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