This Is Who Needs Life Insurance And Why

Have you ever wondered whether you really need life insurance? Maybe you’ve considered choosing a policy in the past, but you just haven’t got around to it yet. The truth is, life insurance is important for many different types of people. It can be helpful in various situations, and it’s only in rare cases that it wouldn’t be helpful to you at all. To give you an idea of whether you need life insurance, here’s who needs life insurance and why:

The Main Earner Of The Family

If you’re the main earner of the family, a life insurance policy can be crucial for taking care of your family. Chances are, you and your partner use your joint incomes to live a life that is comfortable to you. If one day your partner was to be without your income, they would likely struggle to feed and clothe your family, as well as live as before. In order for your family to continue the life they are used to without you, life insurance is the best solution. You can then be happy in the knowledge that your family are taken care of should anything unexpected happen.

The Stay At Home Parent

For the stay at home parent, life insurance can cover you for things like child care. It would basically cover anything that a stay at home parent would usually do for free. A term life insurance policy will cover you while your kids are young.


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The Divorced Parent

A divorced parent usually gives support payments to the other parent so that they can put it towards kid’s clothes, food, and other things to keep them healthy and happy. If anything were to happen to you and your children/ex partner didn’t have that support payment anymore, chances are they would have to make some sacrifices. Life insurance will cover this and insure you’re still taking care of your kids when you’re not there.

The Parent Of A Special Needs Child

As the parent of a special needs child, you’d want to be sure that they would be well taken care of, regardless of when you died. Whether they are young or an adult, financial planning is crucial to ensuring they are taken care of. This is when life insurance becomes extremely important. When your child becomes an adult, they may still need somebody there to take care of them. If you can’t be there, what will they do? Life insurance can get them the assistance they need.  



The Homeowners With A Mortgage

If you have a mortgage, and don’t like the idea of your family having to move if something happens to you, life insurance can help. You want your family to continue living as they always have, with or without you.

A Person Who Wants To Leave An Inheritance

You don’t need to have a business or be rich to leave an inheritance to those you love. By taking out a life insurance policy, you can insure that your chosen heirs get an inheritance if you die.



A Person Who Wants To Pay For Their Own Funeral

If you don’t want to leave your family with the burden of paying for your funeral, then a small life insurance policy could cover the costs and all of your final expenses. Some smaller policies range from $5000-$50,000. Many seniors begin to think about things like this, as they don’t want their family to have to deal with the stressful costs on top of the stress of losing them. Some seniors don’t have any dependents since their children grew up and left home, and think this means they shouldn’t need life insurance. However, considering how your family will cope when you’re gone is a good idea. To find a policy for seniors, sites like can be useful.

A Business Owner

Life insurance is important for business owners who may have debts to repay on things to do with their business. However, it can also help with constructing a buy-sell agreement, allowing your business partner to buy out your share if something happens to you.

These aren’t the only people who may need life insurance. Life insurance can even help cover people with a high net worth, and investors. The only people life insurance isn’t really useful for, is single people with no dependents. Consider carefully whether life insurance is a worthwhile expense for you. If you want to take care of your loved ones even when you’re gone, chances are, you should get life insurance!

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