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If there’s one question my friends always ask me, it’s this: “How do you do it all on one income?” After all, providing for a family of six is never easy. But doing it all on one-income without going without–that’s pretty remarkable! Many of my friends were struggling to make ends meet, and yet here my husband and I were, traveling, shopping and living well. So, in October of 2012, I created Loving Life and Living on Less to answer that very question: How can you have a good life, even on a budget?

Originally, I started Loving Life and Living on Less as a deals blog. I wanted to answer my friends’ questions, I wanted to connect with other moms just like me, I wanted to help moms save money, and I wanted to show people that just because you live on one income–that doesn’t mean you have to compromise! You can have it all!

As a wife and mom of four (including my ‘step’ daughter, Jelly Bean, our two boys, K and Baby G, and most recently, my nephew L) trying to help six people make it on just one income, saving money is definitely something I am no stranger to. Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or you’re doing okay right now, I understand where you’re at. I really do. And I can show you how to live well, right where you are.

After all, life isn’t just for finding deals, it’s also for living well!

Now, two years later, not only do I bring you great deals, but I also share how to live on one income and still enjoy life. You see, a limited income doesn’t have to mean limited fun. There are so many things you can do, no matter how low your budget is. For example, my husband and I still go out on regular date nights, we travel as much as possible, and our kids don’t go without. I love make-up, shopping and crafting, and I love experimenting with new recipes and new ways to go green as well! We do all of this on our limited budget, and you can too!

So whether you are barely scraping by or you’ve got a pretty hefty cushion in your bank account, you–yes, you!–can still love life and live on less. Splurge on vacations, throw awesome birthday parties, and make amazing memories with the ones you love–all without breaking the bank. Live a better life than you ever could have ever dreamed. Let me not only inspire you, but also show you how!

Here are just a few of the great things you’ll find here on Loving Life and Living on Less:

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• Yummy recipes like this DIY Coffee Creamer recipe

• Fun crafts like this DIY Wooden Kitchen project

• Travel Posts like this post on Family Travel to Carlsbad, CA With ResorTime
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