Arizona Renaissance Festival Tips

I was provided with complementary tickets to the festival.  All opinions, as always, are my own.

Every year, around my son’s birthday, the Renaissance Festival comes to Arizona.  I was never able to go when I was younger but since having my own kids, I make a point to go each year.  The kids always have a blast but this place is great for adults, too!  This year I was lucky enough to go twice! Once on a date with my husband and another trip included the kids.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival never disappoints and it’s one of the highlights of our year.  There’s only two weeks left for this year and I highly recommend you check it out.  Here’s a few tips from my family to yours, to ensure the best time possible!

AZ Renaissance Festival

1. Bring cash.  Sure there are ATMs but it makes the trip smoother if you prepare ahead and bring cash.  Don’t worry, if you need to grab cash, ATMs are pretty easy to locate both inside and outside the entrance.

2. Dress Up.  My kids love any chance to dress up and why not?  We have a box of dress up gear and helped them pick themed appropriate pieces but the certainly don’t have to be historically accurate!  My older boy wanted to wear Pokemon pieces that resembled a dragon. The employees are always extra fun when you are dressed up.

3.Timing.  I know my kids won’t last the whole day at the festival so I’ve learned the best time for us to go is in the afternoon.  That way we are there at the end for the Joust to the Death.  It’s one of our favorite things to see, the show is such fun and higher energy than the others throughout the day. This timing works for us, but take a look online to see what might work for you.

4. Wear sunscreen and comfy shoes.  The festival is 30 acres packed full with rides, food, stages/shows, crafts, jousting, mermaids and more!  Make sure you are wearing comfy shoes so you can enjoy your time exploring.  The festival is outdoors (though you can certainly find relief form the sun in one of the shaded areas) so sunscreen is another must.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

That’s a Wrap! Art and Sol Performing Arts Youth Program

You may remember my surprise and excitement a few months back when my oldest boy was deciding what after school program he wanted to participate in.  He’s gotten a flier from school about a performing arts program that was doing Alice in Wonderland Jr. and he was adamant he wanted to participate.  Art and Sol Performing Arts has three different locations and one was only 5 minutes away from school and worked out perfectly with our schedule.  The tuition is reasonable when you consider the length of the program and what it includes.  The former theater kid in me rejoiced when he made his final decision.  He usually picks a sport, which he’s great at and I love watching him practice and play, but I love that my sporty boy wanted to ‘branch out’.Youth Theater After School Program in Phoenix

Alice in Wonderland Jr. has wrapped and Art and Sol is gearing up for it’s next session (School House Rock) and I wanted to share my thoughts as a parent and K’s thoughts as the participant on the overall experience.

Arizona Youth Auditions

My often shy 6 year old enjoyed the Audition Workshop (there’s also an Open House to get an idea of the program before signing up, if you like!) before the season started and was super excited when he chose “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells” as his audition song.  He had high aspirations as far as parts he wanted for his first show (his little heart was set on the White Rabbit, a character who is in almost every scene in some capacity).  Art and Sol Performing Arts sends out a weekly email and on audition week they had helpful hints for talking to any child that was disappointed.  In this program, though, every child gets a part.  They all participate and get their time to shine.  When we saw that K had been cast as part of the ensemble (Kid/Rock Lobster/Cardsmen) I was worried I’d need those helpful hints, but he was fine.  We’d already discussed how important all parts are and he felt the directors must really trust him to play three different parts (oh how I love this boy’s heart).

Arizona Youth Theater Program

I’ll be honest, practice started and my usually sports minded boy began to wonder what the ‘pay off’ was.  He was so used to practicing during the week and then playing a game only a few days later.  I think sports are more instant gratification.  He hadn’t experienced performing yet so he didn’t understand.  To help with that we went to see a local production of The Wizard of Oz so he could see what the end result would be like.  We were surprised to read in our programs that some of the actors were Art and Sol Performing Arts ‘alumni’!  Watching a live performance helped but I think it finally clicked when he got to dress rehearsal and began seeing the show come together on the stage.  I knew he was enjoying himself, though, because when Halloween rolled around, he was begging to be The White Rabbit, and since we love a good family themed costume, we went with it.

Alice In Wonderland Family Theme Costume

During the few months of practice I saw his personality grow.  His confidence, though never really lacking, blossomed.  He used to be a child I needed to prompt to say hello to his former teachers or respond when other children said hello (or goodbye) but I slowly noticed, during his time at Art and Sol, his ability and willingness to open himself up a little more.  He also became a huge and adorable comedian, doing bits form the show for his family and even friends.

Youth Theater Phoenix AZ

Watching him perform (and rock his parts!) was a huge moment.  But more than anything else, watching him grow outside of the theater, and knowing it’s directly related to his time in this program, makes me such a proud mama.

After School Theater Program

When I ask K about Art and Sol Performing Arts he shares how much fun he had and even says he might like to do another show soon and he hopes to do Alice in Wonderland Jr again.  Next time, he says, he’ll audition for the Mad Hatter.  His younger brother G cannot wait until he is old enough.  Both kids still sing songs from the show in the car and at home….”No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”




Pamper Yourself at Luxe Salon and Spa

Every once and a while I need to focus on me.  I know I know.  Crazy, right?! But I firmly believe in taking care of yourself; how can you take care of your whole family’s needs if you aren’t filling up your own tank, so to speak?  A bit of pampering, a bit of luxury.  Sometimes that’s how I need to treat myself.

Recently, I found Luxe Salon and Spa in the SanTan Village.  It’s basically your one stop shop for all things beauty with beautiful decor and talented professionals.   Having everything ‘beauty’ in once place can help save time; and who couldn’t use some time saving?    I spent a bit of time there last week (if you follow me or Luxe Salon and Spa on Instagram you already knew that) checking something off my bucket list.  I had been toying with the idea of a trend color and I finally decided it was now or never (spoiler alert: I LOVE it).  Salon in Chandler, AZ

I met with Jenna Gilbert who put my worries to ease and we discussed the process and set out to pick a trend color.  We decided on magenta.  She understood exactly what I was looking for- something that was subtle but fun and would fit into my mommy lifestyle.  I wanted to be comfortable with the change.  Jenna and I chatted away while she worked and I instantly felt a kindred spirit.  It’s a great thing to really click with your stylist and conversation flowed easily.  I found out about her sweet family, recent move to AZ and super impressive work history.  Not to brag, but her talent has been featured in blockbuster movies AND on little old me….

Luxe Salon and Spa Arizona

The process didn’t take nearly as long as I’d thought and throughout the process Jenna made sure I was comfortable and happy.  During the waiting periods I was able to relax, answer emails and feel like I was hanging out with a friend.  It was a great morning and in the end I left with beautiful hair!  I’ve gotten tons of compliments from teachers, parents and even kiddos (the girls’ in my sons’ classes love my ‘princess’ hair).

Trend Color Magenta

Luxe Salon and Spa has some amazing deals this holiday season. I honestly can’t pick a favorite from the 12 Days of Christmas Specials– what about you?  Let me know what your favorite deal is or what you would pamper yourself with at Luxe S
alon and Spa below and be on the lookout for a GIVEAWAY from Luxe and Jenna!Trend Color on a Mom


AT&T Holiday Guide Guide (Plus Giveaway!)

I am an AT&T Mom and received a product featured below to enjoy myself and one to give away! #ATTPhxMoms

‘Tis the season!  I can’t tell you just how excited I am for the deals this time of year brings.  When I heard AT&T had their very own Holiday Guide with all the amazing deals, I knew shopping for my list would be that much easier.

The complete list of deals and promotions can be found here.

Local friends, you may remember my fantastic experience at a new interactive AT&T store in Phoenix.  Guess what?!  The newest store just opened in Tempe, AZ, too.  You find find those details here.

The list of products is extensive so go check it out!  I got the LG Tone Active for my husband (I know, I know, I’m an amazing wife :)) and I get to give one away, too!  Enter below.

AT&T Giveaway
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After School Program in Phoenix (and surrounding): Art and Sol Performing Arts

My son, K,  has always loved sports.  At the ripe old age of 4 he started team sports and has been non-stop ever since.  We’ve always allowed him to decide which sport he’d like to try or if he want’s to continue with a team.  It’s great to keep him well rounded and find what he really likes to do, plus what’s the point if I have to force him kicking and screaming to practice every week, right?


K is now in 1st grade and brings home flyers for after school and extra curricular programs in Phoenix regularly.  Usually I look, see if he’s interested and then go from there.  This season, though, we’d already discussed him returning to flag football and his undefeated team (while football was on hiatus he played basketball, his favorite so far, I think).  Recently, he came barreling out of his classroom talking a mile a minuted about Alice and Wonderland.  He saw I was confused and explained “Mom, it’s in my backpack!”.  I found a flier for Art and Sol Performing Arts and the upcoming show was Alice in Wonderland Jr.  It was making sense now.After school activity in Phoenix

As a kid I did community theater and watched my dad from backstage (or the light box!), too.  Our oldest (my stepdaughter) has showed some desire to act a couple years back but, although we encouraged her, upon entering her teen years, she’s not as interested anymore.  I was a bit surprised K was interested in this.  We discussed what it meant to do a show on stage.  K as always been a bit shy, so I figured once we discussed it and he realized what it entailed, he’d change his mind.  He did not.  We talked about it for a few days.  I did some research on Art and Sol and was convinced it be perfect for a young child; everyone gets a part!  The price was reasonable once I broke it down; he program lasted a while and per week is comparable to pretty much every after school activity we’ve seen.  But I still wanted to be sure he WANTED to do it.  When he made the final decision, my heart filled with joy and pride.

Audition Workshop for Kids

K will be participating in Alice and Wonderland Jr with Art and Sol Performing Arts in January.  His auditions are this week and he has been practicing regularly after attending the audition workshop.  He has decided to audition with  Jingle Bells, Batman Smells and I giggle each time he does his very own choreography which includes a ‘laying egg’ move…

As his mama, I am so excited for his journey in self discovery, confidence and lasting memories.

There are three locations (with different practice times!) around the Phoenix, AZ area and there are still a few spots left!  Make sure to like Art and Sol Performing Arts on Facebook, too.

If your child has every seemed interested in acting, performing, singing, dancing or maybe would benefit from building confidence, friendships and lasting memories (what kid wouldn’t?); consider checking out Art and Sol (they have workshops, open houses or bring your child to a performance!).

AT&T New Store Concept And Giveaway

I am an AT&T Phoenix Mom and received a complimentary product in exchange and to help facilitate this post and giveaway.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own- I am truly impressed with this company!

If you follow along on Instagram, you noticed that recently I was invited to attend the grand opening of a new AT&T store concept.  The new concept allows for customers to explore and interact with technology.

Grand Opening in Phoenix, AZ

At these new stores, customers can check out solutions, devices and accessories across three unique “zones” – the Connected Experience Zone, the Community Zone, and the Explore Zone.

  • Connected Experience Zone: “lifestyle vignettes” show how products can be used every day. It highlights music, home security, entertainment and more.
  • Community Zone: visitors can shop and play at interactive “community tables.” It displays apps, accessories and devices so customers can see how they can work together.
  • Explore Zone: “explore walls” show a variety of AT&T’s devices and accessories next to digital monitors explaining how they work.

AT&T New Store Concept Phx, AZ

When I walked into the store with some blogger friends I immediately noticed how inviting this new store concept is.  It truly is gorgeous.  There are zones and touching is encouraged!  The explore wall is where I spent most of my time…I’m in the market for a new phone and the best way to decide is to get online, play with apps and take photos with the potential phones.  At the explore wall you are not only allowed to do all of the above, and more, you are encouraged.  I appreciate being able touch without feeling intimidated and the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

DirectTV Promo

DIRECTV is now a part of AT&T and customers can take advantage of a new promotion of $500 credit per line for switching to AT&T’s wireless service. For a limited time, DIRECTV TV customers who switch their wireless lines to AT&T will receive a $300 bill credit for each line they port in when they buy a smartphone on AT&T Next for that line. Plus, customers who also trade in an eligible smartphone will get an additional trade-in credit or promotion card for $200. More info:

 AT&T also recently announced it will deliver the first-ever nationwide package of TV and wireless services all from a single provider on one bill, with special discounts. The offer includes HD and DVR service for up to four TV receivers, unlimited talk and text for four wireless lines, and 15GB of shareable wireless data – all for $200 per month, an annual savings of $600 or more in the first 12 months.


The new store (at the corner of Tatum and Cactus) is open and one of three new concept stores in the valley (there is one in Goodyear and one slated to open at the Tempe Marketplace this fall).

Have you been to a new concept store?  Even if you aren’t in the market, like I am, I recommend stopping in to one and check it out!

AT&T has generously provided an ASUS MEMO Pad 7 LTE to giveaway to one of you!  Enter below and check out some of my blogger friends’ giveaways, as well!

AT&T Giveaway

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Pink Cake Plate- LG G Flex 2

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Life as Leels- FitBit Charge HR

5 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower (or Sprinkle) Stress Free

LLandLoL worked with Kneaders Scottsdale, NothingBuntCakes Scottsdale and Oriental Trading to facilitate this post.  Some items where provided free of charge but as always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

How to plan a baby shower or baby sprinkle

I love planning and hosting parties, so much so, that when my sister in law was pregnant with baby number 3 and wasn’t sure about having a baby shower, I convinced her she needed to let me do SOMETHING.  Yes, yes, I know all about etiquette and 2nd and 3rd babies….but my kids and I had just finished looking through  photographs of their baby shower/sprinkle and their excitement of seeing who was there and them growing in my belly made me feel we needed to do something to celebrate my new nieces upcoming arrival.


My sister in law agreed and I started planning a casual baby ‘sprinkle’.  A sprinkle is meant for the second, third or even fourth baby.  Instead of showering new parents with gifts, we sprinkle them with love (and some gifts, too) and celebrate the newest addition to the family.  Just because it isn’t their first doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate, right?!

I am a mom to boys (and my teenage stepdaughter would never consider herself ‘girly’, but her love of makeup and boys has me internally rolling my eyes when she says that).  So the thought of throwing a party for a girl was exciting.  If you know me or you’ve been around LLandLoL for a while, you know I love a theme.  For this party, I threw the traditional idea of a theme out and focused on the theme PINK.  All shades of pink.  I figured it’s make it easy and less expensive to decorate; which brings me to some other tips for planning and hosting a baby shower (or sprinkle) on a budget and stress free.


Baby Shower Decor on a Budget

1. Look before you theme.

If the mother-to-be doesn’t have a specific theme in mind take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration.  Before settling on a theme, check out local or online party stores like Oriental Trading to see if there are any particular themes that are budget friendly (ie on sale!).  I scored many of the decor from Oriental Trading and the different shades of pink hanging fan decorations were at a huge discount.

Pink Rosette Cake

2. Plan Early

It’s always a tip I give for people on a budget.  If you plan in advance you can save money (or at least not pay a ton all at once) by utilizing local deals and sale and checking out one of my favorites; Groupon.  A couple of months before the party, I started scoping out Groupon (who am I kidding, I am always checking out Groupon for great local deals) and saw an amazing deal on a cake from a local bakery.  It also happen to be a time that Groupon was offering a % off local deals (they do this pretty regularly lately!).  I snatched up the Groupon at a fabulous price and quickly ordered, to be sure there was availability on the date of the party.  It was easy and very budget friendly.  Plus, the cake was a HUGE hit.


3.  Figure out food

Some parties don’t necessarily need a full meal and even though our party time started at a non-meal time, I knew, with this group a pretty full spread would be a expected (and appreciated).  I wavered for a while between ordering meats by the pound from a local BBQ place or putting my husband to work and having him grill up classic hamburgers and hot dogs.  I almost went with ordering the food (with temps reaching 110 here in Phoenix I didn’t want my husband outside grilling all day) but a great deal from Schwans sealed the deal and my poor husband was put to work.  I had him grill the food early on the day of so he wasn’t stuck outside during the party, and kept things warm in tinfoil. The sides and ‘fixings’ were easy, chips, potato salad and beans accompanied the burgers and dogs.  I got the potato salad (and some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever had) at Honeybaked Ham.  The price was comparable to my grocery store and I thought loaded baked potato salad was just a bit nicer than what was in the deli case around the corner.

Mini Pastries from Kneaders

I knew for this party I wanted more than just a cake.  I wanted a dessert table.  I had recently tried Kneaders Scottsdale for the first time and fell in love with the amazing food and especially the pastries.  Kneaders Scottsdale offers catering and platters and I knew mini pastries would be perfect for the dessert table.  I put them on a three tiered serving platter from Oriental Trading and they really looked (and tasted) fantastic.  I may have eaten four tarts….they are my favorite.  Watching the kids eat the eclairs and canolies was adorable.  Such fancy little children we all have.

Nothing Bunt Cake Scottsdale

The dessert table didn’t stop there! Nothing Bunt Cakes Scottsdale is just down the road and I stopped in the adorable shop to pick up some buntinis (mini bunt cakes).  I had heard such great things about this little cakes and I was so excited to include an assortment of flavors on the dessert table.  Adults and kids alike loved these and it was so sweet to see the kids sit there deciding which flavor to choose (I don’t blame them for being indecisive, they all looked so good!).

Cheap Baby Shower Favors

To finish the dessert table off I added lollipops from Oriental Trading (in pink rice thanks to some food coloring) and a plate of good old fashion Oreos.  You can’t go wrong with double stuffed Oreos.  Really, I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to some of these fancier treats so I figured Oreos was ‘safe’.  Little did I know, the kids would not only be interested in the special desserts, they would LOVE them.  Score all around!


4. Take Time

Don’t try to clean and put up decorations all on the day of.  I have attempted that in the past, it always turns out badly.  My kids are older now and I was able to explain to them why the pink decor was going up and tell them my expectations (no touching) the week before the party.  We picked the date of the party to be close to her due date but after school had started up.  This gave me some time to settle into our school routine but also devote some time to cleaning.  I picked a room each day leading up to the party and cleaned- I knew the bedrooms would be full of common area furniture and let it go…I didn’t really clean the bedrooms at all (which is funny because the kids all ended up in our messy master bedroom anyway).  The night before the party, we sent our kiddos off to have a sleep over at GiGi and Pop Pop’s house (thanks!) and moved the furniture and set up the tables.  Avoiding the day-of-rush helped alleviate stress and allowed for me to actually get ready for the party, too (though, I still didn’t have time to dry my hair)!

Girl Baby Shower

5.  Enjoy the moment

You are probably hosting the party because you love the parents and their growing family, right?  So try to enjoy the moment.  I started to worry when 30 minutes after the start time no one had arrived but realized the party would start when it started.  No need to stress.  I took the time to snap photos of my hard work (and cute kids) and did last minute things (like making sure the games were set and ready, that I had the prizes someplace I could get to easily etc).  Guests arrived and we had fun.  Kids played, people ate, photos were taken and games were won.  We celebrated the newest member of the family and showed the growing family some love.  That’s what it is all about.

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa (Chandler, AZ)

LLandLoL received two complementary nights to be able to share our thoughts and experience.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own.

Staycation Vacation ArizonaI am a huge fan of staycations.  That[s when you vacation in or around your home.  You check in to a nearby hotel and pretend you are a million miles away while still being close enough to save on travel costs and rush home for emergencies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring new places and travelling to old favorites, but sometimes, when time is short or travelers are small, it really is best to staycation.


On a recent three day weekend we decided to travel to Chandler, Arizona (we live in Phoenix, Chandler is an approx. 30 min drive) and do a relaxing, fun staycation with the whole family at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa.  Because we were travelling close by, we were able to invite our teenager’s best friend.  The age gap between our teen and next oldest is 7 years, plus, we’re the only girls.  Sometimes a teen just needs her bestie, right?  We got two adjoining rooms during a special holiday rate (check out all the upcoming deals, including a special 4th of July holiday.  The activities for the weekend look like such fun!).

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Vacation


While I did debate checking out Aji Spa (again, there were special deals!) I opted to stick with the family and we enjoyed a whole weekend of relaxing by the pool.  The pool was beautiful allowed for all the kids (ages 13 down to 3) to have fun swimming, playing, lounging and water sliding!  Yes, the pool has a water slide for guests and the line was never long!  The pool side activities kept the kids entertained and our teenager even won herself a free smoothie during one of the activities.

Water Slide at the Sheraton


The location is fantastic, too, if you do decide to leave the property (though, really, you don’t need to for anything).  There is a shuttle that runs to the nearby (and I mean like down the road) casino every 10 minutes or so and there is a big outlet mall only minutes away, too!

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa


So go enjoy some nights ‘away’ and check out Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa!

Anniversary Weekend at Westin Kierland Reort and Spa in Scottsdale

My husband and I just celebrated another year of marriage (yay!) and as a present to ourselves we wanted to ‘get away’ for a bit.  Can you relate?  We have 5 kiddos, so getting away anywhere can be problematic but we worked it out with family and friends and figured out a weekend that worked for everyone.  The time frame we had was limited so we didn’t want to waste hours in the car or at the airport (plus flights aren’t cheap!). A local staycation was certainly our best option and I knew exactly where to go; Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you might remember our amazing family staycation a couple years ago at Westin Kierland.  I remembered how wonderful the staff was, the gorgeous view and how it was the perfect place for families AND couples.


My expectations were, of course, met (and exceeded).  The experience was perfection.  We relaxed, played, drank and explored.  The ideal weekend away, for us.  The view was phenomenal (as it was last time) and beds comfortable.  A comfortable bed is a top priority for us, especially on a rare weekend without kids, where sleep and rest are actually attainable.

Scottsdale, AZ

We booked the Mojito Madness class at the deseo bar just before the restaurant opened.  It was fun to see how they make on of my favorite drinks with fresh ingredients.  The class came with an appetizer and the bartender was wonderful and made suggestions (which were spot on, we loved the shrimp and kobe choices).  We had dinner at deseo, one of the restaurants in the resort.  I’d consider it ‘fancy’ and perfect for an anniversary, whether you are staying on the property or not.


This time around I did not make it to Agave Spa but I did see the amazing treatments being offered and might have to make a special trip one day in the near future for a Salted Lime & Tequila Body Glow or The Tequila Lime Refresh Facial.  Or maybe both?! Right now, you can grab a great deal on spa treatments!


This summer Westin Kierland has some really affordable offers.  You can opt for dinning credit or FlowRider sessions on top of a great nightly rate with the Say Aloha Summer deal.

If you are looking locally or if you are traveling to Scottsdale, I highly recommend Westin Kierland Resort and Spa for families and couples. What amenities do you look for when booking a romantic weekend away?



Lizard Thicket Boutique

This post and giveaway are sponsored.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.lizardthicket

Have you heard of Lizard Thicket Boutique?  I am so glad I was recently introduced to this charming shop with the opening of a store in Mesa, Arizona at Dana Park Shopping Center.


I got treated to a VIP experience (and truly, it was VIP. More on that later) at the newest Lizard Thicket Boutique and the first to open in Arizona.  The prices were reasonable, the quality great and the clothing adorable! Nothing I tried on was over $40 and everything was really cute.  I saw some amazing fashion and home accessories, too.


Remember I mentioned a VIP treatment? The owner was a doll and helped me find items that would look good on me and I loved everything she pulled. No exaggeration.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  I feel like each time I walked around I found new pieces to love and try on. I left the store with a basic but beautiful t-shirt, a sweet ‘hippie’ tunic and a Lizard Thicket Basic cami.  I have decided I need more of these super affordable and super comfortable LTBasics.  The one I now own is my new favorite.


The store only gets a certain number of items and when they are gone, they’re gone.  So I highly recommend coming in prepared to fall in love and ready to buy!  Window shopping is fun but remember, it won’t be restocked (though the designer could put out something similar in the future).


I will definitely be making my way back to Lizard Thicket Boutique and plan to bring some friends who have complimented me on my cute new tunic (truly, a friend called me after I posted a photo on Instagram asking to go shopping together at ‘the place you got the tunic’).

**Hint Hint: You may want to check out Lizard Thicket Boutique on social media (links below) to get prepared for a giveaway coming soon!

Lizard Thicket Boutique on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.