4 Best Personalized Christmas Presents

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents. Before you know it, you’ll be running around on Christmas Eve trying to find the perfect gift for your sister. No one needs that kind of stress at Christmas! If you start thinking about it now, you can surprise your family with the best possible presents.

If you’re stuck for ideas (and you can’t possibly get away with buying your Dad another pair of socks), then try something personal. It will mean so much more to them and it might just be the cheaper option. The trick is to really get inside their mind – what do they really love? Christmas is all about fun, so don’t be scared to move away from the practical option! The smile on their face will be worth the extra effort.


Christmas is all about food; Christmas dinner, mince pies and way too many sweets. It’s a time for over-indulging and you can’t go wrong with the gift of food. Personalizing the gift will make it even sweeter. How about a cookie with a message of love or a cute picture? Save a little money by using a Cookies By Design coupon too. Christmas present bargain!

A hamper is a real treat at Christmas. The best thing about a hamper is that you can tailor it specifically for your family member. If they’re a wine lover, fill it full of their favorites. If they have a sweet tooth, make a chocolate hamper. There are countless options here, you can’t get this one wrong.

A Non-food Hamper

Hampers always look great at Christmas, but they don’t have to be filled with food. You could pick a personalized theme and fill the hamper with gifts around it. Does your brother love cars? Get a hamper and fill it with books and DVDs about motoring. Add some little collectible cars and a small accessory for his own prized motor. You can apply this idea to just about any hobby or interest. Let your imagination go crazy.

Notebooks or Travel Diary

There is nothing more personal than a notebook or a diary. Pick the perfect scrapbook for your arty friend or a travel diary for your backpacking cousin. You could hide personalized notes deep in the pages to be discovered later on. It’s a personal gift that keeps on giving.

Canvas Prints or Wall Art

A personalized canvas print could be the perfect present. Why not blow up a photo of you and the gift receiver so they’ll always know how much you love them? You could frame the lyric sheet to their favorite song or find their favorite movie and frame the script. The possibilities are endless here.

Finally, use your skills! Are you a great cook? An expert knitter? A brilliant craftsperson? Make something completely original and your unique gift will warm even the Grinch’s heart.

Finding the perfect personal gift might take an extra little research. They can be harder to find, or take a long time to make, but it’ll all be worth it on Christmas Day.