Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you got to see me posting some photos a couple of weeks ago from a media event held at the newly opened Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This new attraction is unique because it is the largest butterfly pavilion in America!

You can start this attraction with a 3D movie which is actually an IMAX movie called ‘Flight of the Butterfly’ that’s been shortened to under 15 minutes.  It was a beautiful movie that was educational and informative, I recommend starting your adventure here. 

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However, I don’t know if my young ones would sit for the whole movie, it’s possible it would grab their attention but I’d be surprised if they’d sit for a full fifteen minutes!  Definitely attempt it though, just sit near the exit just in case. 

Next up is the Butterfly Emergence room where you see the many chrysalids and you might even be lucky enough to see a butterfly emerge!  The chrysalids are beautiful and it’s amazing to see the different colors and sizes.  I learned that the color and look of the chrysalid is directly related to where the butterfly forms it.

Once you are ready you can head into the atrium.  There are thousands of butterflies living here.  I went in the evening (after the venue is closed) when the butterflies are beginning to calm down and sleep and I still saw so much action, I can’t wait to see this attraction during the day while the butterflies are most active.  I was extra lucky and had two butterflies land on me on separate occasions! 

I thought the butterflies would be sleeping so I failed to bring my nice big camera but my cell phone did the job alright and I captured some pretty good shots.

I could spent hours in the atrium.  It was beautiful.  Humid to remain a rain forest like temperature, but beautiful.  When you exit the atrium you head into the café.  The Vermont Sandwich Company supplies items in the café.  I got a chance to sample some items from this restaurant and it was delicious!!  Side note: the fruit the butterflies snack on comes straight from the café- if the fruit doesn’t sell it goes to the butterflies.  I love that!  No waste!

Next up is the Live Ant Colony and Honey Bee exhibit.  This area was small but very interesting.  Moving on I realized there was a small aquarium- it just keeps getting better.  The aquarium area was little but there is a stingray touch tank!  The stingray wasn’t there during my visit but I know the kids will get a kick out of that when we visit as a family!  You exit out into the fairly large gift shop.  Lots of goodies for adults and kids.