Creating A Stylish Bathroom on a Budget

Creating A Stylish Bathroom on a Budget

If you have a family, or even if you just live by yourself, keeping a bathroom looking stylish or even tidy and up to date can feel like a chore. Just keeping it clean with everything put away can seem like a full-time job, and on top of that, many households’ bathrooms tend to be outdated or left uncared for. In reality, though, it can be pretty easy to create a bathroom that looks stylish on a budget and still covers everything you need.

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Being one of the most used rooms in the house aside from the kitchen, so you’ll really need to consider everything that goes into your bathroom carefully. Make sure first that you are able to compromise and be flexible on what you’re willing to have in your bathroom.

If the bathroom is a small room, you’ll need to make the most of the space you have. There’s really no point trying to squeeze in a bath or a double sink because these will just take away your storage options and make the bathroom appear cluttered. Instead, make sure that you have as much built-in storage as you can, and use mirrors and lighting effectively to open up the space. Pale-colored tiling will also make the room appear slightly bigger.

Tips to Set A Bedroom on A Budget

If your problem with keeping your bathroom looking great is keeping it clean, here are a few simple tips. Try not to let the clutter or job of cleaning the room get over your head. Make sure that every time you or a family member uses the bathroom, they pick something up and put it away, or give the sink or mirror a quick wipe down.

You can make this easier by having fittings that are easier to keep clean in the long run, such as pieces from the stylish Vitra Designer collection. For surfaces that only need a quick wipe down every day rather than a deep clean, mix vinegar and water equally in a spray bottle with a few drops of essential oil of your choice – this will keep things clean and give them an amazing shine.

Give your bathroom a bit more of a spa feel to create a relaxing environment by keeping the décor all under a simple color scheme or theme. If you’re going for nautical, purchase towels in shades of blue; perhaps do a bit of DIY and wrap some thick roping around your mirror frame; or place ornaments like model ships on a windowsill. If the bathroom is small, try to keep your theme minimalistic, perhaps in monochromatic shades of black and white. It will really stand out and impress your guests.