Frugal But Fun RV Vacations (Do They Exist)

Driving around the country in an RV offers a real way to experience what America has to offer. You are free to roam when you wish, and you don’t need to share your space with strangers. Of course, one thing that puts off some people is the cost of RV vacations.

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But, what if I told you that there’s both a fun AND frugal way to do that? The “secrets” are quite straightforward and easy to follow, believe it or not! Here’s why fun and economical RV vacations exist and how you can have one too:

Rent, not buy an RV

You might think that renting an RV for a specified period will cost a small fortune. But, compared with the cost of ownership, the price you pay is but a mere fraction!

For instance, you don’t have to worry about maintenance fees and finance payments. Plus, you get to drive around in a reliable and modern RV with all the latest technology you need.

Don’t pay to park

Many people that go on RV vacations often pay to stay in RV parks. What if I told you that you could save your money and do something else instead? There are plenty of alternatives you can consider. National and state parks are two such examples.

The sun is your friend

Heading to somewhere in sunny California, for example? If so, you should take advantage of the weather by using solar energy. You can get solar panel equipment to create free electricity on the go.

That means you can charge your cell phone when you’re parked up. And you can even power small appliances without draining your RV’s battery!
The following infographic shows the ten “solar cities” in the U.S. that you should check out with your RV.