Red, White and Blue Raspberries

Red, White and Blue Raspberries

The fourth of July is coming up (and two days later it’s Baby G’s 2nd birthday! So bittersweet, but I digress). I wanted to try out dying sugar and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Raspberries were on sale for $1- it was definitely a sign.

What You Will Need:
Sugar (and food coloring)

I won’t lie.  I wasn’t sure how the sugar dying would work.  I put a bit of sugar (approx. 2 tablespoons.  Maybe 3) and one drop of food coloring.  I tried using a toothpick to stir it.  It kind of clumped so I used my dry (clean!) fingers to blend the color with the sugar.  I was surprised but pleased- it worked!  It came out really pretty and kind of glittery. 

Frozen Fruit Pie Filling

I used the coconut and put it in the raspberry and dipped the end in the blue sugar.  Done! 

You could use a white chocolate chip in place of the coconut (which I intended but when I went to my baking cabinet I found out I was out of white chocolate chips)!  These would be great and refreshing for a 4th of July gathering and they are so easy!