13 Uses of Johnson’s Baby Products that Have Nothing to do with Babies

I use Johnson’s & Johnson’s products all over my home.  I wanted to share some of the uses for the baby products I love that have NOTHING to do with babies!

Uses for Baby Powder that has nothing to do with Babies!

1.       If you spill something greasy on your clothing you can rub a bit of baby powder on the spot to help soak it up and hopefully avoid a grease stain! Rub on the spot, dust off, and repeat.

2.       Need to wash your hair but don’t have time? Use a small amount on the roots of greasy hair (seriously, only a small amount!) and brush through.  If you have dark hair consider putting the powder on the brush first.

3.       As a finishing powder over your makeup- place a small amount in the cap or in your hand and use a large face brush to sweep over your makeup.

4.       Dust on body parts to prevent chafing.  Particularly on thighs!

5.       Use it after a visit to the beach to absorb moisture and make it easier to get sand off!

6.       Ant repellent!  Sprinkle a good amount on ant hills or near doors and windows if they are coming in your home.

7.       Carpet freshener-sprinkle over your carpet before you vacuum.

8.       Stinky Dogs no more!  Rub on dog fur like a little puppy massage and follow up with a brush.  Your pup will smell so much better and it’ll buy you some time between baths.

Uses for Baby Oil that has Nothing to Do with Babies

1.       Doing a project that’s messy with paint?  You can use Baby Oil on a cotton ball and remove the paint from your skin.

2.       Eye Makeup Remover- swipe over the eyes to gently remove makeup.

3.       Use Baby Oil in a warm bath, soak and relax while softening your skin!

4.       Slather over dry cracked feet and put some socks on to help heal your skin.

5.       Make your razor last longer!  Before using, pour baby oil over the blades (you can also use baby oil in lieu of shaving cream).