Five Most Popular Spots To Go Running In Essex

Essex has long been a great county for running. It’s relatively flat, and there are some great countryside spots to enjoy.

Running is a great outlet for so many people, whether they want to get fit and healthy, form new friendship groups, or even overcome illness, with many healthcare professionals recommending it.

During a time when alcohol abuse is on the rise, that’s certainly the case among rehabs, with Sanctuary Lodge, one of the private alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in Essex, encouraging their patients to take up fitness regimes to improve focus, concentration, and overall health.

For many, that means going to the gym, but why go there when there are so many great spots in Essex to go for a run, no matter what distance or pace you like to move at?

If you’re looking to take up running in the county, here are five great spots for you to try…

Hadleigh Park

The location of the Mountain Biking event at London 2012, Hadleigh Park, has something for all runners with a range of challenging trails and easy hikes. They offer some great views along the way as you work your way across woodland paths, meadows, and rolling hills.

However, while that could sound daunting, there’s a much gentler, flatter run around the lake, which will again provide some great views of the Thames estuary.

Hylands Park

Venue for V Festival, Hylands Park, is located just outside Chelmsford and has a grand total of 574-acres for you to cover. Within that, there’s something for all abilities, from beautiful lakes to run around to woodlands to trail through.

What’s more, there’s a great cafe for you to rest up at after with a well-earned drink and slice of cake. Perfect!

Epping Forest

Epping Forest has so many routes you can enjoy across its 6,000 acres of woodland. It’s London’s largest open space, and there’s something to suit all distances.

You can find out more about the best routes by clicking here.

However, many people take on the Forest Way, a longer distance path that runs through the heart of the forest. High Beach is also a good run, taking in a lot of hills if you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge.

Southend Seafront

The sea breeze always provides something special, and a run along Southend Seafront really does give you a sensual experience as you run. It’s flat and paved, making it good for runners, and distance-wise, you really can take it as far as you want with it stretching for miles along the Thames estuary.

Colchester Castle Park

Ideal for lunchtime runs, Colchester Castle Park offers a good escape from the town along the banks of the River Colne. The park offers some nice routes around the castle and is all pretty flat with smooth pathways.

It’s a great place to get started with running, and it also offers a Parkrun on a Saturday morning, which is a PB haven.