Octopath Traveler 2 Best Secondary Jobs for Each Character: Battles and Exploration

Octopath Traveler 2 Best Secondary Jobs for Each Character: Battles and Exploration

Octopath Traveler 2 Best Secondary Jobs for Each Character

Octopath Traveler 2 offers a vast array of possibilities when it comes to choosing secondary jobs for each character. These secondary jobs not only enhance their abilities but also provide strategic advantages in battles and exploration. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best secondary job options for each character, helping you make informed decisions and create powerful combinations.

Starting with the warrior Olberic, one excellent secondary job choice is the Hunter. This combination grants Olberic increased agility and ranged attack options, allowing him to efficiently deal with enemies from a distance while maintaining his durability on the front lines. The Hunter’s Leghold Trap skill can also be valuable in slowing down foes and controlling the battlefield.

For Primrose, the dancer class serves as an exceptional complement to her existing skills as a performer. With access to supportive abilities like Peacock Strut and Lion Dance, Primrose can boost her party members’ stats and grant them additional turns in battle. Moreover, her innate allure combined with the Dancer’s Bewildering Grace ability creates unpredictable situations that can turn the tide of any encounter.

As we delve into Octopath Traveler 2’s intricate world, understanding which secondary jobs align best with each character becomes crucial for maximizing their potential. Whether it’s enhancing elemental spells or bolstering physical prowess, selecting the right secondary job can greatly impact your overall strategy and lead to victorious outcomes across all eight travelers’ journeys.

The Best Secondary Jobs for H’aanit

When it comes to choosing the best secondary job for H’aanit in Octopath Traveler 2, there are a few options that complement her natural abilities and enhance her combat prowess. One recommended choice is the Hunter job, which synergizes perfectly with H’aanit’s innate skills as a beastmaster.

As a Hunter, H’aanit gains access to powerful bow attacks and can capture beasts during battle to fight alongside her. This combination of long-range damage and additional allies makes her an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Additionally, the Hunter job provides useful passive skills that improve evasion and increase critical hit chances, further amplifying H’aanit’s combat effectiveness.

Another viable option for H’aanit is the Warrior job. With this secondary job, she becomes an even more formidable physical attacker, capable of dealing high amounts of damage with her axe or sword. The Warrior job also grants her access to defensive abilities like Provoke and Defender, allowing her to protect herself or draw enemy attention away from weaker party members.

Recommended Secondary Jobs for Therion

Therion excels in thievery and agility-based combat, making jobs that enhance his speed and stealing abilities ideal choices. One highly recommended secondary job for Therion is the Dancer class. As a Dancer, he gains access to powerful support skills that boost his speed even further while granting him increased evasion rates.

Additionally, the Dancer’s debuffing abilities allow Therion to weaken enemies’ defenses or hinder their actions effectively during battles. Combining these supportive skills with his innate thieving capabilities makes Therion an invaluable asset in any party composition.

Another suitable secondary job for Therion is the Scholar class. By taking up this role, he can utilize powerful elemental magic to exploit enemy weaknesses and deal devastating damage.

Choosing the Right Secondary Job for Olberic

Olberic is a mighty warrior known for his strength and defensive capabilities. To further augment his combat skills, one of the best secondary jobs for him is the Apothecary class. By becoming an Apothecary, Olberic gains access to healing spells and potent support skills that bolster his survivability on the battlefield.

The Apothecary job also offers passive abilities like Persistence and Rehabilitate, which increase Olberic’s HP regeneration rate and grant additional chances to recover from ailments. These qualities make him an excellent tank character who can withstand heavy damage while providing essential support to the party.

Another viable option for Olberic is the Warmaster job. As a Warmaster, he becomes a master of physical attacks, capable of unleashing devastating blows on foes with unmatched power. This secondary job grants Olberic access to powerful abilities like Cross Strike and Stout Wall, increasing his offensive capabilities and enhancing his defenses even further.

Remember, the best secondary job for Olberic ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and team composition. Experimenting with different combinations is part of the fun in Octopath Traveler 2, so don’t hesitate to mix and match until you find the perfect fit for Olberic on his journey through Orsterra.