Ways to Boost Savings: Jobs for 11 Year Olds to Make Money

jobs for 11 year olds to make money

Evaluating Legal Work Options for Preteens

When looking at jobs for 11 year olds to make money, it’s crucial we keep in mind the legalities involved. While we’re all for encouraging our young ones to be self-reliant and financially savvy, it’s equally important that they remain within the bounds of the law.

Child labor laws vary from state to state. Typically, there are restrictions on the number of hours a child can work per day and what type of work they can do. For example, many states prohibit children under 14 from working in hazardous environments or during school hours. We recommend checking with your local Department of Labor for specific rules in your area.

Despite these restrictions, there are still plenty of opportunities available for preteens looking to earn a little cash. Here are some ideas:

  • Household chores: Kids can start by assisting around their own home or helping neighbors with tasks like mowing lawns, raking leaves or washing cars.
  • Pet care: Many people need help walking dogs, feeding pets while they’re away or even cleaning up after them.
  • Babysitting: Older preteens might be able to babysit younger kids, especially if they’ve completed a babysitting course.


Jobs for 11 Year Olds to Make Money

When we think of jobs for 11 year olds to make money, the first thing that usually comes to mind are traditional roles like babysitting or lawn mowing. But in the digital age, there’s a whole world of opportunities right at their fingertips. It’s all about leveraging what they enjoy and turning it into a profitable venture.

Let’s take arts and crafts for example. If an 11-year-old has a knack for making bracelets, keychains or personalized greeting cards, they could easily turn this into an online business. Sites like Etsy allow even the youngest creators to sell their unique creations worldwide. And with so many craft tutorials available on YouTube, learning new skills is easier than ever.

Another great option is starting a YouTube channel based on their interests. From gaming walkthroughs to DIY projects or even toy reviews – if they’re passionate about it, there’s likely an audience out there willing to watch and subscribe. Just remember that any online activities should always be supervised by an adult for safety.

Pet sitting can also be a fun and rewarding way for kids to earn money while staying within their neighborhood. This doesn’t just mean dogs and cats – think outside the box! Maybe there are families nearby who need care for their birds, fish or small rodents when they go on vacation.

And don’t forget about chores around the house! Parents can set up payment systems for tasks beyond regular responsibilities – maybe extra cleaning duties or helping with big projects like organizing the garage.


Outdoor Jobs Suitable for 11 Year Olds

We’re diving into the exciting world of outdoor jobs suitable for 11 year olds. It’s a realm filled with opportunities for youngsters to not only make money but also gain skills, enjoy fresh air, and soak in some sun while at it!

First on our list is lawn care. Young kids can learn the basics of gardening and landscaping early on by helping out their neighbors. They’ll be raking leaves, watering plants, weeding gardens, or even mowing lawns if they’re big enough to handle the machinery safely. Plus, they’d be contributing to their community’s aesthetics while earning themselves a little cash.

Next up is pet sitting or dog walking. This job’s perfect for animal-loving kids who don’t mind spending time outdoors with furry friends. Dog walking requires responsibility as kids need to ensure pets are safe and happy during walks around the neighborhood. Pet sitting could involve feeding animals when owners are away or keeping them company outside.

Thirdly, there’s car washing, another popular money-making venture among young children especially during summer months. Kids need minimal equipment – a bucket of water, soap and some sponges – making it an easy start-up job where they can earn decent pocket money.

Lastly, let’s not forget about seasonal jobs like running a lemonade stand or selling homemade crafts at local fairs. These gigs provide valuable lessons in entrepreneurship apart from adding dollars to your youngster’s savings jar!