Banana Cakes (3 Ingredients)

Banana Cakes

This is SO easy and very healthy!  In fact, this can be a 2 ingredient recipe but I like to add the Ola! Granola to make it extra delicious and healthy (hello fiber and protein!).

My kids LOVE these, they are great for breakfast or a snack.

What you’ll need:
Two Ripe Bananas
1 Egg
1/2 Cup Ola! Granola (I used 1/4 No Nut Vanilla and 1/4 Vanilla Almond)

Mash the bananas and add the egg.  Mash and stir all together.  Once it’s well mixed (you will have lumps because it’s a banana mashed, not pureed) add your Ola! Granola.  Stir all together.  Put a small amount of butter on a pan on medium to low heat. 

Dump Cake Recipe

When scooping the ‘batter’ remember to keep the cakes small.  The bigger they are the more likely they are to fall apart (still yummy, but not the same). I made mine about two tablespoons big.  Let it cook until you are able to flip.  I didn’t time it but I’d say about 3 minutes on each side but if you go to flip it and it doesn’t seem to want to stay together, leave it a bit longer!

I don’t serve these with anything.  They are subtly sweet and good all alone!