How to Find Time to Clean Your Entire Home This Winter


The winter season can be unforgiving. As daylight diminishes, our homes transform into refuges from the cold, frequently adorned with the remnants of our daily activities. During this period, dedicating time to cleaning may appear daunting. Yet, the importance of a clean and ordered home transcends mere aesthetics – it’s a bastion of health and a haven for weary souls during these grey months.

Let’s embark on a journey to make your home a place of comfort and cleanliness without overburdening your schedule.

Drop The Pursuit of Perfection

Start by freeing yourself from the perfectionism trap. When you’re constantly chasing after a flawless home, it’s like signing up for frustration and exhaustion. Instead, set your sights on goals that you can reach without feeling like you’ve run a marathon.

Build up a mindset where hitting the ‘good enough’ mark isn’t a compromise – it’s a genuine victory. Embrace that perspective, and you’ll discover that the task of keeping your home clean becomes far less daunting and much more achievable. That shift in thinking brings a breath of fresh air to your domestic routine. You’ll feel satisfied and more at ease, making the whole process of keeping things tidy not just manageable but downright enjoyable.

Declutter Your Entire Home

Our story continues with the art of decluttering. When your place is a chaotic mess, cleaning feels like a never-ending uphill battle, akin to rolling a boulder forever. So, start small – tackle one room at a time, sort through your stuff, and decide what stays and what’s got to go. Decluttering regularly isn’t just about making cleaning a breeze – it transforms your home into a calm and inviting place.

Remember, the fewer things you own, the lighter your cleaning load becomes. This minimalist philosophy not only simplifies your cleaning routine but also fosters an atmosphere where maintaining order and cleanliness becomes a more natural and sustainable part of your everyday life.

Load The dishwasher right after meals

In the heart of the home, which is undoubtedly the kitchen, introducing a simple yet transformative habit can significantly improve the daily routine. Consider making it a ritual to load the dishwasher after every meal conscientiously. That intentional practice serves as a powerful defence against the accumulation of a daunting pile of dishes that might otherwise overwhelm even the most resilient spirit.


However, for those without the convenience of a dishwasher in their culinary arsenal, fear not. An equally effective alternative is to establish a routine of washing dishes immediately after use. This proactive approach ensures that order is maintained, preventing the kitchen from succumbing to chaos and allowing you to navigate daily chores with a sense of control and ease.

Spread Cleaning Tasks Over the Whole Week

Our tale takes a pragmatic turn as we break our cleaning tasks into manageable chapters spread across the week. Assign different tasks to different days – a schedule that transforms an overwhelming task into a series of small, more achievable steps. That systematic approach ensures that each area of your home receives the attention it needs without turning the act of cleaning into an all-consuming event. Implementing this thoughtful strategy not only enhances the feasibility of the cleaning process but also serves as a buffer against the potential overwhelm caused by the sheer volume of tasks.

Make the Essential Tasks A Priority

In the story of cleaning, not every task holds the same weight. Direct your attention to those tasks that wield the most influence over the cleanliness and hygiene of your home. Give priority to areas that endure the daily hustle, such as the bustling kitchen and the stylish bathroom, while allowing the less conspicuous corners to fade into the background. That approach establishes a harmonious balance between keeping a tidy, attractive house and ensuring that the cleaning process doesn’t become an overwhelming force in your life.

Dedicate Time For a Power Clean

Inject a bit of suspense into your cleaning routine by embracing the notion of a ‘power clean. Set a timer for a brief burst, 15 or 30 minutes, and dive into the tasks at hand with intensity. This approach introduces a thrilling sense of urgency, proving remarkably effective in accomplishing a substantial amount in a short period. Transform your cleaning sessions into a lively family activity or a personal challenge, adding an element of excitement to the everyday chores.

Invite Family Members To Help

In the realm of home cleaning, remember that the hero doesn’t have to go it alone. If you share your living space with others, embrace the power of collective action by involving everyone in this narrative. Distribute tasks based on preferences or rotate responsibilities.

For those navigating the household journey solo, consider weaving a support network with friends who share similar responsibilities. Establish a reciprocal arrangement where you and your friends assist each other in maintaining your respective homes. This collaborative effort not only lightens the individual workload but also transforms the cleaning task into a more pleasant endeavour.

Contact Professional Cleaners

In some cases, it might be wise to introduce a new method – professional domestic cleaners. If your budget allows, this can be a valuable addition to your routine, especially during the busiest times of winter.


A professional cleaner can take on either deep cleaning tasks or regular maintenance, freeing you to focus on other aspects of life. Choose someone reliable and trustworthy, someone who respects the sanctity of your home.


As our story draws to a close, remember that finding time to clean your home in winter need not be a plot filled with twists and turns. By adopting a realistic approach, decluttering, maintaining a regular kitchen cleaning routine, breaking down tasks, prioritising, engaging in power cleans, sharing responsibilities, and considering professional help, you can keep your home a welcoming and clean haven during the winter months. In the end, it’s about creating a space that offers warmth and comfort in the heart of a British winter. Happy cleaning!