AT&T New Store Concept And Giveaway

I am an AT&T Phoenix Mom and received a complimentary product in exchange and to help facilitate this post and giveaway.  As always, my opinions are 100% my own- I am truly impressed with this company!

If you follow along on Instagram, you noticed that recently I was invited to attend the grand opening of a new AT&T store concept.  The new concept allows for customers to explore and interact with technology.

Grand Opening in Phoenix, AZ

At these new stores, customers can check out solutions, devices and accessories across three unique “zones” – the Connected Experience Zone, the Community Zone, and the Explore Zone.

  • Connected Experience Zone: “lifestyle vignettes” show how products can be used every day. It highlights music, home security, entertainment and more.
  • Community Zone: visitors can shop and play at interactive “community tables.” It displays apps, accessories and devices so customers can see how they can work together.
  • Explore Zone: “explore walls” show a variety of AT&T’s devices and accessories next to digital monitors explaining how they work.

AT&T New Store Concept Phx, AZ

When I walked into the store with some blogger friends I immediately noticed how inviting this new store concept is.  It truly is gorgeous.  There are zones and touching is encouraged!  The explore wall is where I spent most of my time…I’m in the market for a new phone and the best way to decide is to get online, play with apps and take photos with the potential phones.  At the explore wall you are not only allowed to do all of the above, and more, you are encouraged.  I appreciate being able touch without feeling intimidated and the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

DirectTV Promo

DIRECTV is now a part of AT&T and customers can take advantage of a new promotion of $500 credit per line for switching to AT&T’s wireless service. For a limited time, DIRECTV TV customers who switch their wireless lines to AT&T will receive a $300 bill credit for each line they port in when they buy a smartphone on AT&T Next for that line. Plus, customers who also trade in an eligible smartphone will get an additional trade-in credit or promotion card for $200. More info:

 AT&T also recently announced it will deliver the first-ever nationwide package of TV and wireless services all from a single provider on one bill, with special discounts. The offer includes HD and DVR service for up to four TV receivers, unlimited talk and text for four wireless lines, and 15GB of shareable wireless data – all for $200 per month, an annual savings of $600 or more in the first 12 months.


The new store (at the corner of Tatum and Cactus) is open and one of three new concept stores in the valley (there is one in Goodyear and one slated to open at the Tempe Marketplace this fall).

Have you been to a new concept store?  Even if you aren’t in the market, like I am, I recommend stopping in to one and check it out!

AT&T has generously provided an ASUS MEMO Pad 7 LTE to giveaway to one of you!  Enter below and check out some of my blogger friends’ giveaways, as well!

AT&T Giveaway

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Shaping Up To Be A Mom-Kate Spade Portable Battery

Songs Kate Sang- ASUS MeMO Pad

Pink Cake Plate- LG G Flex 2

Around My Family Table-LG G Pad F 8.0

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Life as Leels- FitBit Charge HR

5 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower (or Sprinkle) Stress Free

LLandLoL worked with Kneaders Scottsdale, NothingBuntCakes Scottsdale and Oriental Trading to facilitate this post.  Some items where provided free of charge but as always, my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

How to plan a baby shower or baby sprinkle

I love planning and hosting parties, so much so, that when my sister in law was pregnant with baby number 3 and wasn’t sure about having a baby shower, I convinced her she needed to let me do SOMETHING.  Yes, yes, I know all about etiquette and 2nd and 3rd babies….but my kids and I had just finished looking through  photographs of their baby shower/sprinkle and their excitement of seeing who was there and them growing in my belly made me feel we needed to do something to celebrate my new nieces upcoming arrival.


My sister in law agreed and I started planning a casual baby ‘sprinkle’.  A sprinkle is meant for the second, third or even fourth baby.  Instead of showering new parents with gifts, we sprinkle them with love (and some gifts, too) and celebrate the newest addition to the family.  Just because it isn’t their first doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate, right?!

I am a mom to boys (and my teenage stepdaughter would never consider herself ‘girly’, but her love of makeup and boys has me internally rolling my eyes when she says that).  So the thought of throwing a party for a girl was exciting.  If you know me or you’ve been around LLandLoL for a while, you know I love a theme.  For this party, I threw the traditional idea of a theme out and focused on the theme PINK.  All shades of pink.  I figured it’s make it easy and less expensive to decorate; which brings me to some other tips for planning and hosting a baby shower (or sprinkle) on a budget and stress free.


Baby Shower Decor on a Budget

1. Look before you theme.

If the mother-to-be doesn’t have a specific theme in mind take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration.  Before settling on a theme, check out local or online party stores like Oriental Trading to see if there are any particular themes that are budget friendly (ie on sale!).  I scored many of the decor from Oriental Trading and the different shades of pink hanging fan decorations were at a huge discount.

Pink Rosette Cake

2. Plan Early

It’s always a tip I give for people on a budget.  If you plan in advance you can save money (or at least not pay a ton all at once) by utilizing local deals and sale and checking out one of my favorites; Groupon.  A couple of months before the party, I started scoping out Groupon (who am I kidding, I am always checking out Groupon for great local deals) and saw an amazing deal on a cake from a local bakery.  It also happen to be a time that Groupon was offering a % off local deals (they do this pretty regularly lately!).  I snatched up the Groupon at a fabulous price and quickly ordered, to be sure there was availability on the date of the party.  It was easy and very budget friendly.  Plus, the cake was a HUGE hit.


3.  Figure out food

Some parties don’t necessarily need a full meal and even though our party time started at a non-meal time, I knew, with this group a pretty full spread would be a expected (and appreciated).  I wavered for a while between ordering meats by the pound from a local BBQ place or putting my husband to work and having him grill up classic hamburgers and hot dogs.  I almost went with ordering the food (with temps reaching 110 here in Phoenix I didn’t want my husband outside grilling all day) but a great deal from Schwans sealed the deal and my poor husband was put to work.  I had him grill the food early on the day of so he wasn’t stuck outside during the party, and kept things warm in tinfoil. The sides and ‘fixings’ were easy, chips, potato salad and beans accompanied the burgers and dogs.  I got the potato salad (and some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever had) at Honeybaked Ham.  The price was comparable to my grocery store and I thought loaded baked potato salad was just a bit nicer than what was in the deli case around the corner.

Mini Pastries from Kneaders

I knew for this party I wanted more than just a cake.  I wanted a dessert table.  I had recently tried Kneaders Scottsdale for the first time and fell in love with the amazing food and especially the pastries.  Kneaders Scottsdale offers catering and platters and I knew mini pastries would be perfect for the dessert table.  I put them on a three tiered serving platter from Oriental Trading and they really looked (and tasted) fantastic.  I may have eaten four tarts….they are my favorite.  Watching the kids eat the eclairs and canolies was adorable.  Such fancy little children we all have.

Nothing Bunt Cake Scottsdale

The dessert table didn’t stop there! Nothing Bunt Cakes Scottsdale is just down the road and I stopped in the adorable shop to pick up some buntinis (mini bunt cakes).  I had heard such great things about this little cakes and I was so excited to include an assortment of flavors on the dessert table.  Adults and kids alike loved these and it was so sweet to see the kids sit there deciding which flavor to choose (I don’t blame them for being indecisive, they all looked so good!).

Cheap Baby Shower Favors

To finish the dessert table off I added lollipops from Oriental Trading (in pink rice thanks to some food coloring) and a plate of good old fashion Oreos.  You can’t go wrong with double stuffed Oreos.  Really, I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to some of these fancier treats so I figured Oreos was ‘safe’.  Little did I know, the kids would not only be interested in the special desserts, they would LOVE them.  Score all around!


4. Take Time

Don’t try to clean and put up decorations all on the day of.  I have attempted that in the past, it always turns out badly.  My kids are older now and I was able to explain to them why the pink decor was going up and tell them my expectations (no touching) the week before the party.  We picked the date of the party to be close to her due date but after school had started up.  This gave me some time to settle into our school routine but also devote some time to cleaning.  I picked a room each day leading up to the party and cleaned- I knew the bedrooms would be full of common area furniture and let it go…I didn’t really clean the bedrooms at all (which is funny because the kids all ended up in our messy master bedroom anyway).  The night before the party, we sent our kiddos off to have a sleep over at GiGi and Pop Pop’s house (thanks!) and moved the furniture and set up the tables.  Avoiding the day-of-rush helped alleviate stress and allowed for me to actually get ready for the party, too (though, I still didn’t have time to dry my hair)!

Girl Baby Shower

5.  Enjoy the moment

You are probably hosting the party because you love the parents and their growing family, right?  So try to enjoy the moment.  I started to worry when 30 minutes after the start time no one had arrived but realized the party would start when it started.  No need to stress.  I took the time to snap photos of my hard work (and cute kids) and did last minute things (like making sure the games were set and ready, that I had the prizes someplace I could get to easily etc).  Guests arrived and we had fun.  Kids played, people ate, photos were taken and games were won.  We celebrated the newest member of the family and showed the growing family some love.  That’s what it is all about.

Preparing for Life’s Uncomfortable Moments with U by Kotex®

Having a teenage girl means I have to not only prepare myself for life’s uncomfy moments and help her avoid them.  Her periods don’t come super regularly so, in order to avoid embarrassing moments, we keep U by Kotex® Lightdays® Liners in her makeup bag (which she carries with her) and I keep some in my purse, too.

She isn’t embarrassed to carry these because of the cool patterns and colors and they are small!  I love them because they are thin yet mighty!  Great for lighter days (or as tampon backup).  Feeling prepared and comfortable with her period helps keep her confident; which is especially important at this age.  I still cringe at my period ‘horror story’ from my teenage years.  I think we’ve all had at least one….right?!  Hopefully, keeping her prepared for those inevitable and uncomfortable moments will shield her from her very own teenage horror story.

Lost that Undie Feeling? Get it back with U by Kotex® Liners- So comfy, they feel just like your undies. U by Kotex® is offering an exciting opportunity for you to win amazing monthly prizes, including one grand prize with the #BringComfyBack Contest !

To enter the #BringComfyBack Contest, visit  and upload your creative pic or gif showcasing your best uncomfy face.

Each month, one lucky winner will receive a $200 Urban Outfitters gift card, a Go Pro Hero 3 white camera, a $100 Sephora gift card and U by Kotex products.

At the end of the contest, the most creative selfie will be chosen and the winner will receive a trip to L.A. with a girlfriend, an exclusive U by Kotexphoto shoot to be their new social star and $2,000 spending cash!


5 Things To Look At When You Upgrade Your Bathroom



Bathroom renovations can be notoriously expensive, and can be tough to complete when you are on a small budget. However, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your bathroom – and that it is safe. It’s also worth pointing out that should you decide to put your home up for sale, a new bathroom is a great selling point.

Today, I’m going to outline some of the things you should look at if your bathroom needs some TLC. With any luck, I’ll show you that you don’t have to hire an expensive interior designer to create the perfect space. Let’s get started.


Safety first

First of all, if you are planning to reduce the cost of a bathroom upgrade, it’s important not to scrimp on the essentials. Make sure you have a professional eye on hand to look at the safety issues in your bathroom.

As everyone knows, plumbing and electrics are vital to all bathrooms, but they are also a lethal mix. It’s vital, therefore, to create a safe environment first and foremost. Hiring a plumber or an electrician to check your pipes and wiring might cost a little, but it will give you the safety and peace of mind that everyone needs.


Function second

OK, now you know that everything is safe, it’s time to look at the primary role of all bathrooms. As much as we would all love a spa-like environment, there’s little point in having one if you can’t do what you have to do. So make sure there is enough space to use your toilet, wash your face, and take a bath or shower.

If you have a small room, it will take a little ingenuity to make it work. Try looking at smaller appliances that will make a better fit, or perhaps combine a shower and bath. You could also think about using your corners better. In many bathrooms, there is a lot of space in the corners that is wasted, so address this by looking into corner sinks, toilets or baths. It might just free up that extra bit of space that you need.




Add some style

Now you can think about designing your bathroom. While themes can often seem a little tacky in other rooms in the house, they actually work well in a bathroom. They help to tie it together and can make the difference between a dull, miserable looking space and a vibrant, happy one.

Nautical themes are always a popular choice, as is the traditional spa look. Having a theme in mind will help you be more selective when you choose your pieces and colour schemes.


Making a focal point

All bathrooms need a focal point, and yours will depend on several things. First of all, in a smaller bathroom, it is the biggest thing that stands out. That will often be the shower or the bath. So, make sure that you are happy with your primary feature, and you can work the rest of your design around it. Take a look at these shower doors for a good example.  As you can see, there are plenty of different styles to consider, so think carefully before making your choice.


For larger rooms, you will have a lot more options when it comes to your focal point. Some people like to have the bath as their focal point while others will choose the sink and vanity. As you can probably imagine, in all cases, people tend not to use the toilet as the focal point of their bathrooms!


Choosing your tiles


Tiles are expensive, and you may need a lot of them to ensure your wet spaces are waterproof. However, there are a lot of cost-effective options out there if you look hard enough. Plain white tiles are the cheapest option by far, but this doesn’t mean that you have to have dull white walls. You could invest a little extra in a funkier tile and use it as a border, or to break up the whiteness on a large wall. You don’t have to spend a lot – just enough to make your wall space a little more interesting.


Another thing to think about is where you are going to put your fittings. Your shower, for example, will need to be embedded into the tiles. Perhaps you could see this as an opportunity to make it more of a feature in itself? When you are on a tight budget, it’s important to get a little creative. Sketch out all of your ideas onto paper and try and imagine what they will look like first. You could also ask for a test selection of tiles to bring home before you choose the right one for your bathroom.



OK, so that’s all for now. Good luck with your renovation and I’d love to hear how you get on!



Essential Additions That Will Improve Any Home

As a homeowner, you always need to be looking for additions that will benefit the property. There’s so much you can do to improve your home nowadays. It’s sometimes just a case of finding what appeals to you the most.

Solar Panels

If you’re serious about making additions to improve the home, your first stop should be solar panels. It’s vital to embrace greener living these days, and solar panels are one of the best ways to achieve this. They make the property look modern and stylish. But they also make your home energy-efficient. You’ll be able to make use of solar power and generate significant savings on your energy bills.

Modernised Bathroom

Whenever anybody does any work to their home, they always forget about the bathroom. It’s a pity because this is one of the most used rooms in the whole house. So you should take the time to make sure it looks great. One of the best things to do is to modernise and update the bathroom. You might think you can’t create a stylish bathroom on a budget, but in reality you can. You just need to think outside the box and be thrifty with your changes.

Open Plan Kitchen

We all know just how vital the kitchen is to the rest of the home. It’s the jewel in the crown and the most important part of the property. Indeed, many people manage to sell their homes based solely on the strength of the kitchen. So, if you want to make improvements, a fabulous idea would be to change and renovate your kitchen. You need to think about making it open plan. This makes the room much more functional, practical, and spacious.

Loft Insulation

All homes need to have some kind of insulation to keep them warm and comfortable through the winter. Make sure you check out the kind of insulation you have in your home. And make note of what kind it is. Then you need to think about replacing it. If you don’t have any or much, you need to rectify this immediately. Even if you already have insulation, it might be worth changing it. You want to go for the most affordable insulation options possible. You also need to look at the best kind of materials to use for your loft insulation. There are plenty of options, including fiberglass, foam and blanket.


The patio is a vital component of any back garden. You need to make sure you have one in yours. If you don’t you need to take steps to make sure you get one installed. There are so many benefits to having a patio in the back yard. First off, it’s a benefit from an aesthetic viewpoint. As a back garden feature, a patio looks smart, colorful and trendy. But it also serves practical purposes too. You might think about having the patio as a relaxation or chill out area. You could even use it as a base of operations for barbecuing.

You need to understand how important it is to try to make your home better all the time. It’s somewhere you’re going to be living for decades, so you need to be happy with it. There are plenty of additions you can make that will improve any home. This post has a list of a few of these additions.


Image Source

Home School Preschool Roundup

Ideas and resources for home school preschool

This is list is perfect for homeschooling or just preparing your young ones for traditional school.  If you aren’t sure if your child is ready for preschool check out this post on my struggle to make the same decision.

Big Preschool Workbook

Big Preschool Workbook

Big Preschool WorkbookHelp your preschooler get ready for reading writing and numbers …

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade P

Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade P

Designed by experts in education this comprehensive best-selling workbook features vivid and full-color illustrations to guide preschool children step-by-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities …

Preschool Scholar: Ages 3-5

Preschool Scholar: Ages 3-5

Zoo themed 64-page workbook …

Teaching Preschool: A Homeschooling Guide

Teaching Preschool: A Homeschooling Guide

This easy to read booklet provides the basic outline for scheduling your preschooler s day in your homeschool …

Educational Insights Shapes Bean Bags

Educational Insights Shapes Bean Bags

Educational Insights Shapes Bean Bags …

Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K

Brain Quest Workbook: Pre-K

Jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities exercises and games in every subject Brain Quest Workbook Pre-K reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom …

101 Tips for Preschool at Home: Minimize Your Homeschool Stress By Starting Right (How to Homeschool)

101 Tips for Preschool at Home: Minimize Your Homeschool Stress By Starting Right (How to Homeschool)

Yes you can homeschool your child through the preschool years …

Preschool Practice Scissor Skills (Ages 3-5)

Preschool Practice Scissor Skills (Ages 3-5)

School Zone Little Hand Helper Workbooks provide a fun-filled introduction to important readiness skills …

Preschool Science

Preschool Science

Build background knowledge teach beginning science concepts and have fun at the same time This handy resource is chockful of creative ideas for exploring 3 important strands of the early childhood science curriculum Weather the Ocean and Gardens …

Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School

Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School

Finally homeschoolers have a comprehensive guide to designing a homeschool curriculum from one of the country s foremost homeschooling experts …

The Preschool Journey

The Preschool Journey

The Preschool Journey is a hands-on preschool curriculum to help parents prepare their child for kindergarten …

What Your Preschooler Needs to Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten (Core Knowledge Series)

What Your Preschooler Needs to Know: Get Ready for Kindergarten (Core Knowledge Series)

Give your child a smart start with What Your Preschooler Needs to Know Designed for parents to enjoy with children filled with opportunities for reading aloud and fostering curiosity this beautifully illustrated anthology offers preschoolers the fundamentals they need to prepare for a happy productive time in school and for the rest of their lives …

Rod and Staff Homeschool Preschool Activity Workbooks- Set of 4 (for 3 & 4 Year Old Children)

Rod and Staff Homeschool Preschool Activity Workbooks- Set of 4 (for 3 & 4 Year Old Children)

Set of four Rod and Staff preschool activity books ideal for homeschooling or supplemental work …

Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years: The Pre-School Years

Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years: The Pre-School Years

Claim quality togetherness with your child and fully enjoy the sensitive and formative years from two to five by adopting proven teaching techniques in your own home …

Ready for School Kindergarten Preschool Readiness Preparation Bundle Five Items: One Alphabet Workbook, One Numbers Workbook, One Writing Tablet, One 2pk Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils, One set of Color/Shape Flash Cards

Ready for School Kindergarten Preschool Readiness Preparation Bundle Five Items: One Alphabet Workbook, One Numbers Workbook, One Writing Tablet, One 2pk Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils, One set of Color/Shape Flash Cards

Bendon Alphabet and Numbers learning workbooks helps you to learn how to write each uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers has activities throughout the book to learn how to use the letters and numbers …

Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child

Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child

Based on the key Montessori principle that children learn best through active experience Teach Me to Do It Myself presents simple activities through which children explore and develop their skills …

Preschool: At What Cost?

Preschool: At What Cost?

What preschool do you go to the doctor asked our three-year-old granddaughter who was perplexed by the question …

Alpha Omega Horizons Preschool Complete Multimedia Set AOP

Alpha Omega Horizons Preschool Complete Multimedia Set AOP

Perfectly complimenting the Preschool Curriculum Set the Multimedia Set contains videos CDs and CD-ROMs that coordinate with lesson themes …

Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain: Early Learning Activities for 2-6 Year Old Children

Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain: Early Learning Activities for 2-6 Year Old Children

If an expensive preschool is not an option create one at home Written by an experienced Montessori Teacher this unique guide has years of fun activities and the information you need to help your child develop strong brain architecture a positive self-image and advanced skills in math reading and writing a perfect preparation for success in school …

5 Tips To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Finances When Buying a Home

Please enjoy this informational guest post on llandlol!

Buying a home is a huge moment in any person’s life. Not least for the financial aspects.

This is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and it will impact your financial situation for years to come. Naturally, keeping on top of things is a must. Here are five tips to help you through the process.


  1. Haggle Price

Bartering is a dying art form. However, the property buying arena is one where it’s still possible to knock a healthy slice off of the bill.

If the property has been on the market for a while, then there’s a good chance you can get a discounted price. For the sake of a conversation, it has to be worth a try.

Those funds can go towards helping you through tip #2.




  1. Compare Hidden Fee Costs

It would be easy to think that paying your deposit and monthly mortgage repayments is all you need to worry about. Sadly, you’re wrong. There are many hidden fees involved, such as getting the house surveyed.

The agents, who will also take a fee, will probably suggest professional services. But you aren’t obliged to take this options. The truth is, a quick browse will probably uncover a cheaper option that offers the same standard of service.

It really is a no-brainer.


  1. Book Things Early

Good preparation is a key asset throughout the process. Booking services early won’t just keep things organised, it will also help you keep costs down.

The longer you leave things, the more expensive they become. Once you’ve got a moving date, be sure to book your moving company at the earliest stage possible. As well as the extra funds, it will save you the hassle of frantically sourcing one at the last minute.

As they say, the early bird catches the worm.




  1. Sell, Sell, Sell

Moving to the new home offers a chance to restructure your life. However, you should start getting organised weeks before the big day.

There’s a lot of stuff you probably won’t take to the new property. Rather than throw it away the day before you move, it’s much better to sell the items to create some extra funds. Considering the amount of money you’ll be spending throughout this process, those dollars could go a long way to easing the strain.

Besides, it’s great to see somebody else get use out of your old goods.


  1. Plan Dates

The easiest way to see your funds vanish quickly is to get your dates wrong. Spending time in temporary housing or hotels isn’t ideal for your mind or your bank balance. Avoid it at any cost.

If you can’t move into the new home for a couple of days, then there’s a strong chance you can ask to stay with friends or family. However, it becomes a lot more difficult if the transition period is stretched to weeks or months.

There is a protocol that needs to be followed, but nobody wants to be left waiting for ages. Not when they’ve got a new home to build.

Using These Easy Methods, I Save Money At Home!


Image File

Some people struggle to understand how I can live a full life and not make as much as others. All I can tell you is that if you start simple you will learn how to as well. It is not a complex strategy, and you do not have to be a whiz with accounts. There are lots of ways that you can start making little savings that will add up. For instance, think about how you look after your home. A house can be quite expensive to uphold, but not if you take this easy advice.


1.Don’t Renovate, Redecorate!

We all look into improving our homes, particularly during the summer when we have a lot of spare time. Personally, I love making my home look different and fresh. But, you may have noticed that I used DIY jobs and creativity to do this. You can too. Improving your home does not have to mean spending thousands on redoing a kitchen or tearing down walls to make rooms bigger. You can do it simply by buying a small accessory like a rug. If it is stylish, it will accentuate the best features of a room. Or, you could just move around your furniture to change the perception of any of the rooms in your home. This is fun to do and will cost you nothing but a little time.


2. Easy Being Green

It is easier than ever to stay green at home, and the best part is, it will save you a lot of money. If you are recycling as much as possible, you will save money on taking a lot of junk down to the tip. Or, buying energy saving light bulbs can dramatically reduce your electricity bills. They may take a little longer to light up, but they are definitely cheaper to buy. You do not even have to make any changes to what you purchase. You could simply make sure that you are switching off lights in rooms that no one is using. Or, just keeping the doors closed after you leave and enter rooms can save a lot on heating bills.

If you are having a problem with keeping rooms heated, you could think about improving the insulation in your home. This will be pricey at first, but the payoff will be worth it because you will reduce the cost of heating your home.


3. DIY Repairs

When something went wrong at home, I immediately used to contact a repairman. But, now I have found a better way to deal with these issues. I head for Google and search for DIY repairs online. There are a number of different blogs that can tell you how to repair problems in your home without paying for an expert.

Of course, sometimes you need a professional but you can still save cash. An air conditioning unit is hard to fix, however rather than find the first repairman in the phone book, do some research online. You will find repair companies online owned by experts with prices for services to match your budget. See for an example of such a company.


These are just three examples of how you can save money at home. But if you start researching, you will find lots of ways you can live well and save money in every aspect of your life.



Staying On Top Of Your Bills Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

We all know that staying on top of the bills can be tricky, especially when money is a little tight. However, if you don’t want to end up in a financial mess, it’s crucial that you ensure that you stay on top of your finances.

With so many bills to pay, sometimes there just isn’t enough funds to go around, am I right? If that is the case, try not to worry, there are lots of things you can do to make your money go further. Staying on top of your bills can be a worry when there just isn’t enough money, but try not to panic. Believe it or not, there is always a way out of financial problems


Image credit


To help you stay on top of your bills, we have put together some tips that you may find useful. To find out more, keep reading below:

Know your monthly outgoings

The most important thing that you can do to ensure that you stay on top of your bills is know your monthly outgoings. Once you know what your monthly spendings are, you will find it much easier to manage your money.

Create a list of your monthly household income and then write down all of your monthly outgoings. This should include everything from mortgage payments and property tax payments to the cost of groceries and gas.


Assess your debts

The next thing you need to do is work out what debts you have so that you can then start paying them off. Create a list of any outstanding debts that you may have, add them all up and work out a total.

Once you have worked out what you owe to each company, you can then start to get on top of each bill. You will find it much easier keeping on top of things once you know exactly, how much you owe.


Create a budget

If your household earnings just aren’t going far enough and each month some of the bills are being missed out, you need to change that. The best way to go about that is by creating a budget for your spending and identifying areas where you could save money.

Use your list of monthly outgoings to identify areas where you could save money – this is easier than it sounds. Look at things like grocery costs and come up with ways that will allow you to save a little bit of money. For instance, perhaps you could start shopping for groceries at discount stores to save money.


Get a loan

If, even with budgeting, you don’t have enough money spare each month to get on top of your bills and debts, consider getting a loan. You might think that getting a loan is counter-productive but, sometimes getting a loan is the best option. This is because it will allow you to get on top of your bills and debts, and you will then be able to pay the loan off slowly.

When it comes to choosing the right type of loan, there are various options available. From payday loans to longer term loans, so make sure that you choose wisely. If there is a bill that you are struggling with, such as property tax, there are specialist loans you could consider getting. When it comes to getting a loan to pay off your property taxes, you’re best to opt for one of the Reliance property tax loans. This is because these are specifically made for property tax debts.


Create a bills list

Once you have worked out how you will pay each bill and debt each month, create a list of bills and the date that each one needs to be paid. That way you will find it much easier to keep on top of your bills, and shouldn’t miss a payment.

If you are forgetful, you could always set reminders on your smartphone for each bill that needs paying off. This should make it easier for you to keep track of everything and stay on top of your bills.


While staying on top of your bills can be difficult if you are well organized, it doesn’t have to be. Simply by following the tips in this guide, you can make it easier to stay on top of your bills.

Want To Know How I Make My Money Go Further? Read This!

This is a guest post especially for LLandLoL readers.  While I didn’t write this; I use some of these tactics myself!

For many people, including myself, stretching money is something of an art form! We all wish that we could be millionaires, spending our time jetting off to exotic locations. In the real world, most of us have to work for a living.

With the rising cost of living, it seems to be getting harder to make your money go further these days. If that sounds like a familiar situation, don’t worry because you are not alone.

Today I am going to share with you some of the weird and wonderful ways that I make my money go further. I tend to use a variety of ways, just like how a gambler doesn’t bet all their money on one horse! By the way – I’m not going to suggest betting to make some cash! Check out my amazing tips below:


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I don’t buy all my groceries from one store

If you’re anything like me, you love consuming branded foods and drinks. I’ve tried store-brand items in the past, and, to me, they just don’t seem as good. The only trouble with buying branded products is they cost more.

The good news is there are many ways to get those items at cheaper prices. Perhaps the most common way to achieve that goal is to shop at several different grocery stores. They often have promotions on branded items, so you can buy in bulk and save lots of money!


I let service providers battle for my custom

Things like insurance, cable TV, electricity, and water can get provided from different vendors. Some people stick with the same providers for years because they feel the need to have a sense of loyalty.

Let me tell you something: there is no such thing as loyalty in the business world! As a consumer, it’s your job to get what you want for the best possible price. Each year, I review my spending on services and utilities. I then check out which companies offer the best prices. And then I switch; it’s as simple as that!


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I invest some of my spare cash

I’m not someone with hundreds spare each month. But, when I do have some extra money, I like to invest it in some way. For example, I might lend some cash to people using peer-to-peer sites like Lending Club. Or I might go to the ACM Gold website and do some foreign exchange trading.

It’s always worth being savvy with your money. You’ll never know when you need access to a rainy-day fund!


I offer tutoring services

In my spare time, one of the ways I like to make some extra pocket money is by offering tuition services. You might not think it, but you can do this too! You could teach people about your specialist subject face-to-face or over the Internet.

In return, you get paid for your time. It’s one of the few things in life where you can make money for little outlay.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. Let me know what you decide to do!