Family Travel to Carlsbad, CA With ResorTime

Disclaimer: Some aspects of this vacation were complementary.  All opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

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If you’ve been here for a while, you know that Hubs and I have a goal of at least one family trip each year.  It don’t have to be extravagant or expensive but we want the kids to experience different things and places.  I was bit very early on with the travel bug so I want to share that with my family.  Hubs was on the opposite spectrum in his youth, travelling rarely, and he wants to give our kids more opportunities than he had, in regards to travel.

Family Travel California

This year we packed all the kids up into the minivan and headed to California.  I have been to many parts of CA but never Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego (I place I have visited more than 20 times).  Carlsbad is laid back, quiet and really family oriented.  Let’s not forget, Carlsbad is home to LEGOLAND and I have three boys 5 and under.  I’d been considering a trip to LEGOLAND and wanted to do it before our oldest, the only girl, turned 13 and undoubtedly became a ‘too cool’ teenager.  Regardless, I knew she’d enjoy travelling and the beach. (Spoiler:  She had a ton of fun at LEGOLAND, too).

Carlsbad, CA Hotel

I won’t bore you with the travel details.  We  Hubs drove, kids drove us crazy, I packed too many snacks and we hit traffic.  All things we’d planned for.  We arrived about 30 minutes before our check-in time at Seapointe Resort, a ResorTime partner, but we were able to get right in and get our room keys right away.  I was given the run down of amenities, parking instructions, and info all about the resort and off I went to check out our home away from home for the next few days.

Budget Travel Tips

Our two bedroom condo with full kitchen was amazing!  Our family of six was just right for the two bedroom- we put the kids in one room, while Hubs and I claimed the master suite with the ocean view (all units faced the ocean, which was just across the street).  The kids quickly made the living area into a play room and made themselves right at home.  I brought some stuff for snacks but decided to head to the nearby grocery store to buy some items for meals, I knew spending some money at the store and utilizing the full kitchen would help us stay within budget.

Save Money On Vacation

Staying within budget is the only option for our big family when it comes to vacationing (or anything, really) so before I book any hotels I check out what they offer.  Having to take a family of 6 out to eat for each meal is a deal breaker; so high on my list of needs is a kitchen.  Location is another huge factor when booking a vacation spot.  We save money by using free shuttles or being close enough to local activities to walk.  Searching on ResorTime makes finding the perfect place for you and your families needs super simple.  You can find places in almost any location you are looking for, not just Carlsbad, CA (though, I highly recommend it for a family vacation).

Family Vacation in California

We spent the next couple of days enjoying the activities at Seapointe Resort, playing on the beach, relaxing, borrowing movies from the front desk, grilling and cooking and we even got to check out Grand Palisades Resort (which is a 7 min walk to LEGOLAND) and also a ResorTime resort.  The kids kept referring to our room(s)/condo as ‘home’ and even after we came back to Arizona, my youngest kept asking about our “California home”.  It really did feel like home!

Vacationing with Family

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  1. Looks like it was an absolute blast! I’m vacation planning myself so I’m going to go check them out. THANKS!

  2. Melissa Smith says:

    Looks like you guys had so much fun! I just keep jotting down places I want to travel to & Carlsbad just made my list. If for no other reason that LEGOLAND & the laid back vibe (I know that’s full of irony, LOL).

  3. That looks amazing! Sounds like everyone had a great time as well. That kitchen is amazing!

  4. It’s always an advantage when your vacation condo has a full kitchen especially if you have kids.

  5. Looks like the family had a huge blast! I bet as mine grows we will need kitchens but last Summer while pregnant, hubby and I didn’t use kitchens in any of our vacations lol. Maybe it was my cravings or urge to not cook while vacationing!

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