West Inn and Suites + Bistro West in Carlsbad, CA

It is rare to find a hotel that is perfect for both families and/or a romantic get-away.  I found that elusive unicorn of a place on our last trip to Southern California at West Inn and Suites in Carlsbad, CA.

Hotel near Legoland

The hotel was beautiful inside and out and when I checked in while my husband and antsy children waited in the car I had a moment of dread.  This place was far to pretty and sophisticated to understand by ‘crew’.  I had quick and scary visions of my children barreling into the lobby and up the stairs like wild animals disturbing everyone.  Here’s the truth, though, my kids are *usually* pretty good and the hotel, while beautiful, has activities and services geared towards those of us with little people who travel with us.  Need an example?  Milk and cookies offered (free) in the evening to guests.  If milk and cookies don’t scream child-friendly, I don’t know what does.  Also, while checking in, I was given a chance to borrow movies for our room.  Many of which were children’s titles.  Complementary breakfast may seem like a business men/women perk, but for me?  It screams load up and fill up before heading out to LEGOLAND California, which is just a 5 min drive for the property.

Kid Friendly Hotel near San Diego


West Inn and Suites, as I mentioned, is gorgeous.  The rooms are beautiful and classic while still being comfortable.  I could snuggle up all night with my husband watching borrowed movies under the warm comforters.  Our trip included a 3 year old nestled in between us, but without that blonde baby, it would have been extremely romantic.

Carlsbad, CA hotel


West Inn and Suites has a couple restaurants on the property (but separate from the hotel, which I appreciate.  I am not local, but know that a great restaurant that I have to go through a hotel that I am not a guest at feels kind of weird) and we were lucky enough to try West Bistro, we were told the more casual of the two spots, but it was nicer than our usual ‘casual’ meal, which I loved for our ‘date’.  West Bistro has a farm to table approach and the taste and quality is apparent.  The food was, no exaggeration, magical.  The staff knowledgeable and friendly (the chef even came over to chat for a bit).  We left googly eyes and full of amazing, fresh, delicious food.

Hotel and Food near Legoland

Carlsbad is a wonderful option for spring break, family trips or a romantic get away and West Inn and Suites is perfect for all occasions.  The ambiance, staff, location and services all make it idea for families, business persons or couples.

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