Halloween Granola Ghost Treats

Halloween is such a fun time of year.  My whole family gets into the spirit with themed costumes and fun Halloween snacks.

These are not only fun; they are super easy, too!  My kids got a kick out of them and these would be great in a lunch box, after school or during family movie night!

Halloween Ghost Granola Treats


2 granola bars

1oz white chocolate

Chocolate Chips (3 per ghost)

Halloween Snack

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave and stir.  Using a knife or popsicle stick, spread the white chocolate over the granola bars.  Be sure to cover the sides of the granola bar (but don’t worry about the back).  Set the granola bars aside and, using a knife, cut off the top part of two chocolate chips (if you have mini chocolate chips this isn’t necessary; just use mini ones as is).  You are creating the eyes of the ghost using the small pieces and the mouth is the last chocolate chip.  Let the white chocolate set and harden.  I like to pop them in the refrigerator to speed up the process.

Ghost Granola Halloween Treat

Easy, right??  And, f they are anything like mine, your kids will really get a kick out of these!

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