This Is Who Needs Life Insurance And Why

Have you ever wondered whether you really need life insurance? Maybe you’ve considered choosing a policy in the past, but you just haven’t got around to it yet. The truth is, life insurance is important for many different types of people. It can be helpful in various situations, and it’s only in rare cases that it wouldn’t be helpful to you at all. To give you an idea of whether you need life insurance, here’s who needs life insurance and why:

The Main Earner Of The Family

If you’re the main earner of the family, a life insurance policy can be crucial for taking care of your family. Chances are, you and your partner use your joint incomes to live a life that is comfortable to you. If one day your partner was to be without your income, they would likely struggle to feed and clothe your family, as well as live as before. In order for your family to continue the life they are used to without you, life insurance is the best solution. You can then be happy in the knowledge that your family are taken care of should anything unexpected happen.

The Stay At Home Parent

For the stay at home parent, life insurance can cover you for things like child care. It would basically cover anything that a stay at home parent would usually do for free. A term life insurance policy will cover you while your kids are young.


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The Divorced Parent

A divorced parent usually gives support payments to the other parent so that they can put it towards kid’s clothes, food, and other things to keep them healthy and happy. If anything were to happen to you and your children/ex partner didn’t have that support payment anymore, chances are they would have to make some sacrifices. Life insurance will cover this and insure you’re still taking care of your kids when you’re not there.

The Parent Of A Special Needs Child

As the parent of a special needs child, you’d want to be sure that they would be well taken care of, regardless of when you died. Whether they are young or an adult, financial planning is crucial to ensuring they are taken care of. This is when life insurance becomes extremely important. When your child becomes an adult, they may still need somebody there to take care of them. If you can’t be there, what will they do? Life insurance can get them the assistance they need.  



The Homeowners With A Mortgage

If you have a mortgage, and don’t like the idea of your family having to move if something happens to you, life insurance can help. You want your family to continue living as they always have, with or without you.

A Person Who Wants To Leave An Inheritance

You don’t need to have a business or be rich to leave an inheritance to those you love. By taking out a life insurance policy, you can insure that your chosen heirs get an inheritance if you die.



A Person Who Wants To Pay For Their Own Funeral

If you don’t want to leave your family with the burden of paying for your funeral, then a small life insurance policy could cover the costs and all of your final expenses. Some smaller policies range from $5000-$50,000. Many seniors begin to think about things like this, as they don’t want their family to have to deal with the stressful costs on top of the stress of losing them. Some seniors don’t have any dependents since their children grew up and left home, and think this means they shouldn’t need life insurance. However, considering how your family will cope when you’re gone is a good idea. To find a policy for seniors, sites like can be useful.

A Business Owner

Life insurance is important for business owners who may have debts to repay on things to do with their business. However, it can also help with constructing a buy-sell agreement, allowing your business partner to buy out your share if something happens to you.

These aren’t the only people who may need life insurance. Life insurance can even help cover people with a high net worth, and investors. The only people life insurance isn’t really useful for, is single people with no dependents. Consider carefully whether life insurance is a worthwhile expense for you. If you want to take care of your loved ones even when you’re gone, chances are, you should get life insurance!

Do You Have Forgotten Money In The Attic?


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A few times a year, the time comes to do a full house clean. Not the quick blitz around with the vacuum and duster, either. You know the one I mean – the one where everything gets moved, and anyone with a dust mite allergy spends three days sneezing. It’s no-one’s favorite task, but it needs to be done to keep the house from becoming a tip.

There are various ways it can be made more enjoyable, of course. In no small part, the clearing out of storage – which needs to be done so you can put other stuff into storage – can be like a game. Or an archaeological dig, depending on how long it is since you last did this. And like an archaeological dig, clearing out your storage can be surprisingly rewarding.

You Never Know What You Might Find

Clearing out storage after it has been left for a while is many things. Dusty, primarily, but it is also a fascinating journey through a relatively recent past you had nonetheless forgotten. How many of us, in full flow on a shopping trip, buy holiday things we’ll “need later”, and then find that we don’t use them? So they stay in storage until you go to clear them out – and realize that you really could do with them.

One Person’s Trash…

Clearing out cupboards is usually a precursor to a trip to the tip. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty about throwing out everything you don’t need or want to keep. Things in storage are often forgotten, and that can include things that may have a great deal of value to some people. And no, I don’t just mean the boring sentimental kind of value. I mean cash. Look out for possible antiques in there – it may be a long shot, but this is where people tend to find valuable items.

Marking Your Card

Remember last Christmas, when you took part in three different Secret Santa games and ended up with gift cards from all of them? You smiled, said thanks, and then stuck them in a drawer. We may not use gift cards at the time we get them – because we still usually have to add to their value. But you can sell them on at Cards2Cash or similar. This can raise a very useful nest-egg right when you need it most.

You Used To Collect Records, Now They Collect Dust

It’s 2016 – still – and by now we’re all either streaming or downloading anything we want to listen to. Even if you’re into the oldies, they all have their back catalogs online now. Holding on to your old vinyl records is pretty much just vanity. That’s why they’re not next to your stereo; they’re in storage.

But record collectors will pay unbelievable amounts of money for a rarity. Let’s face it – after a certain period of time, they’re all rare. Check out what you’ve got in there. Surprising prices can be found for an original from a band who have recently reformed. Ride that nostalgia wave all the way to the bank!

Clever Couponing: The Golden Rules to Follow

Couponing can be an excellent way to save money. It helps you make lots of small savings that can add up to bigger ones. Many people use coupons in their weekly grocery shop, as well as for a variety of other purchases. The idea of collecting and using coupons may seem simple. However, there is more to it than you might assume at first. If you don’t take a methodical approach to it, you could end up wasting your time. You might even spend more money than usual because you aren’t choosing your coupons correctly. If you want to get started with couponing, follow these rules.


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Use Online and Offline Sources

Not too long ago, couponing was all about cutting out coupons from newspapers and magazines. You can still find plenty of those, but make sure you don’t stick to offline sources alone. You can find lots of great deals online too. You can get coupons you can print out and take to the store with you when you shop. Or you can find coupon codes that you can use for online shopping. Make sure that you don’t limit yourself to cutting out coupons from print publications. Online ones can help you be more organized because you don’t have to print them until you need them.

Make Your Coupons Mobile

Does the thought of having a folder full of coupons frighten you? A lot of people may see it as a waste of paper. The Fortunate Investor recommends that you use mobile apps for couponing too. For example, you can use the Groupon app to help you find great deals. With some Groupon offers, there’s no need to have a printed out coupon because you can use it online. You can also keep the coupon on your phone to show a vendor when you redeem your offer. The app gives you a map of where to redeem your offers too.


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Be Sensible and Organized

When you see lots of great deals, it’s easy to get a bit too enthusiastic. You immediately want to start buying things at a lower price. But don’t take couponing as an excuse to buy things you don’t need. You’re not saving money if you’re purchasing something you weren’t already going to buy. For example, maybe you have a coupon for a discount on chocolate. But if you weren’t intending to buy chocolate, you’re just spending more money than you meant to, even if the product costs less. Make sure you’re organized too. Use your coupons before they expire, especially if you’ve pre-purchased a deal.

Know the Rules

It’s important to know how and when you can use your coupons. If you get it wrong, you could end up paying full price. Or you might get in trouble with a store. You should check the terms and conditions of each coupon, so you know what you’re doing. The expiration date is important, but don’t forget to check other details. There could be an age limit, price restrictions or other limitations you need to be aware of.

Couponing is a great way to save money, but only if you approach it in the right way. Don’t use it as an excuse to buy things you don’t need.

Coping With A Cashflow Crisis: What Are Your Options?

In an ideal world, nobody will need to borrow money, and you’ll never find yourself with a bill you can’t afford to pay. Being frugal isn’t enough to cope with the cost of living these days. You also need to be skilled in money management. You need to know exactly where your money is going so you can stay in full control of your cashflow. Of course, that’s easier said than done. And things will always crop up to scupper your budgets!

It doesn’t take a major life event like getting married to make you borrow money. Sometimes life just gets too expensive. Sometimes your income takes a dip. And sometimes you need to make an expensive purchase you simply didn’t see coming. When these things happen, it’s a good idea to get our your budget plan and see where you can divert cash from. After all, isn’t this what savings are for?


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Don’t panic if you don’t have savings. Not many of us are financially well off enough to have much squirreled away. However, once this financial crisis is over, it will be worth reworking the figures and finding some corners to cut. That way you can take a few dollars here and there to divert into a savings plan. This could be highly beneficial when cashflow problems like this arise in the future.

For now, you have a number of solutions. If you’re already living pretty frugally, it’s unlikely you can take a few dollars here and there from different parts of your budget. Instead, you can choose between selling a few of your unwanted items, taking on a temp job at weekends, or getting a loan.

Selling your things can take time. You need to clean them up, take good photos, write up descriptions and find the best place to advertise them. Then you need to wait for potential buyers to find your ad, make an enquiry and pop over to see the item. This takes time that you may not have.

Taking a temp job can also cost you time that you don’t have. You might need to apply and interview for a position, then wait until the start date. And if you don’t already have an up to date and relevant resume, you need to add extra time to the process.

Borrowing money is another option. You can ask friends and family to help you. Perhaps you have some loans already that you can refinance? Payday loans can be tough to be free from. That’s why there are websites like that help people get rid of this kind of expensive debt. If your loans are draining your accounts so you can’t pay your basic bills, it could be time to leap into action to stop them.

Earning the money you need is always better than borrowing it. You might achieve this by doing a few odd jobs, working overtime, or selling your unwanted possessions. It’s not always easy to manage a cashflow crisis. How do you tackle trouble with your cashflow?

Cheap And Cheerful Ways Of Getting Around Town

Life is so expensive these days isn’t it? You pay an arm and a leg just to go out and have some food and even then, are you really truly satisfied? And then there’s the extortionate taxi home. It’s a never ending vicious cycle and one that we could really do without. If only there was another way. Well now there is.


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If you really want to go out somewhere, then the mode of transport you use has got to be right for you. It’s Friday night and you may want an alcoholic beverage so that rules the car out. You’ve always been against drink driving and have always been the most sensible out of your friends, especially with the clamp down of recent offences in your area. The bus is always an option but if you’re dressed to kill in your high heels and short black dress, then there’s no way sitting on an uncomfortable seat for a large amount of time with everybody around staring, would be good for the image. And with regards to asking the parents, you’re sincerely past that stage and don’t want to look too desperate. It’s all about independence these days.

You decide that tonight is going to be a much more cost effective strategy. This is a decision that has been thought about wisely. You get on the phone to your friends and come up with the idea that you should all go together in the same car. Looking online has its many benefits, none more so than tonight. Whilst looking through ways that you can reach your destination quickly and efficiently, you stumbled onto Uber using companies like Rideshare Apps. From then on, the night goes swimmingly.

There are many more ways that you can travel cheaply and cheerfully around town. For example, imagine you are on holiday and that the place you are visiting is a new experience for you. If where you are visiting is small, then why not walk? It does wonders for your exercise and you get to see the sights when you want, however you want. You just follow the map and off you go. However, if it’s a slightly larger place and walking just isn’t possible but you still want to be healthy and you relish the outdoors way of life, then you could hire a bicycle for the day. There’ll be loads around the town, all there for your enjoyment. Just remember to chain them up securely when you head somewhere indoors for a spot of lunch or a cup of coffee, as you might have to pay a bit of a deposit before you get on the bike.

If this doesn’t float your boat, then there’s always a bus tour to consider. Although you might have to break your daily budget a little bit, you will learn about the history of the town whilst you relax into your comfortable seat. If bikes and your feet don’t cut the mustard, then this is the perfect mode of transport for you.


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Major Life Events Where Borrowing Money Might Be Necessary


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As a general rule, you should avoid borrowing money unless you really need to. It’s usually better to resort to savings or find cheaper ways around purchases when you can. But loans do exist for a reason. There are a few major life events where borrowing money is almost always a necessity.

There are loans designed for some of these events specifically. Sometimes, you’ll need a personal loan or a cash loan to cover some of these expenses. Here are a few of the major life events where you’ll probably need to consider borrowing money.

Buying A House

Although you can live in rented accommodation for many years, buying a house is the end goal for most people. Especially for those starting families, you’ll want a home to call your own for your children to grow up in.

In most cases, this is the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. That’s why you’ll need a mortgage to cover it. It’s a massive financial commitment, so make sure you only buy a house when you’re well prepared for it.


Going to college or university will cost you a lot of money. It isn’t just the tuition fees that’ll drain your bank balance. People often move away for the best educational opportunities. This can make living costs much more expensive. Parents often help their children with the costs of university, but they can’t cover everything.

A lot of people get jobs to help them make their way through education, but this rarely covers all the costs. In fact, people often need to take out multiple student loans to handle the expenses of education. In these cases, you may even want to consolidate your loans with a service like Lending Tree.

It’s worth borrowing money for education. Although it will put you in a lot of debt, you’ll get much more lucrative job opportunities in the long run. Getting the best education possible will pay itself back.

Getting Married

According to the Cost Of Wedding website, the average wedding in the United States costs $26,645. Some couples even spend more, and that’s not even counting the costs of the honeymoon!

People often spend whatever it takes to create their perfect wedding. The families of the bride and groom often chip in for the price of the special day. But some couples still need to borrow extra money for the occasion. People often take out personal loans for this. Keep in mind that a perfect wedding doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways to get married on a budget.

Getting A Car

Purchasing a vehicle is another huge cost where borrowing money is often unavoidable. A lot of people use car loans or personal loans to get a high-quality vehicle.

There are many other options when it comes to financing a car purchase. Most dealers offer financing plans which make it easy for people to pay off the costs over an extended period. Some people also lease cars, which is often a much more cost-effective alternative.

It’s one of the costs where it’s justifiable to borrow money. A car will come in handy in many aspects of your life. Particularly when it comes to working, you’ll need a vehicle to get where you need to be day by day.

Gain Better Control Of Your Finances By Taking Care Of These 4 Areas


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All of us want to be in a better position financially. This much goes without saying – there is nothing worse than being in a poor financial situation and not knowing what to do. The good news is that there is always something that can be done to improve things. It is worth bearing this in mind, even at the lowest times, things can improve. To tell the truth, saving money in your everyday life is actually quite a simple matter. There are four main areas in which it is particularly simple to save money, and those are what we will look at here. Taking care of these four areas will means that your overall position is much improved. Let’s take a look at what you can do.


In the home, there is plenty that you can do to save some money. First of all, let’s take a look at household bills. These are obviously a major expense for every household out there. However, there are easy ways of keeping them down. If you haven’t done so already, try calling your energy suppliers and checking if you are on the cheapest tariff. Chances are, you’re not. Changing tariffs might be all you need to do to make a rapid change in your life. But that is not the only home expense. It is also a good idea to ensure everyone who lives there turns lights off when they are not in use. This simple act saves a lot of money in the year.


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Chances are, you have a real need of your car, so you don’t want to go without it. However, you might find that you save a lot of money by making the simple act of driving less. Try to only drive when necessary, and you will find your bank account is in a much better position in no time at all. Beyond that, it is also wise to shop around for insurance. Call Belairdirect for your car insurance needs, and compare them to other suppliers. Whatever it takes to find the cheapest insurer. This is a main expense, so that will make a big difference. Tax is another one. Make sure you drive a car with relatively low emissions, as this will equate to lower tax.


Grocery shopping can be surprisingly expensive, can’t it? This is particularly true if you have a family to feed. But whether you are feeding one or six, the rules of thrift stay the same. Plan your meals well in advance, and always make a list when you go shopping. If you like, you can allow yourself one treat, but not too expensive. And cook from scratch wherever possible, as this is much cheaper than the alternative.


There is no need not to take your family abroad every now and then. After all, it is hugely important to feel that you can treat yourself to something nice. This helps deal with the stress that money can often bring. To save money on your holidays, make sure you always book ahead with everything. Flights, accommodation, these are your main expenses, so save money there and you are doing yourself a favour.


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Easy Plumbing Repairs You Won’t Need To Call A Professional For


If there something is going to go wrong in your home, it is usually down to the plumbing! Most families end up spending a large part of their budget for home improvements on professional plumbers doing simple jobs. But, in actual fact, most of these tasks can be done without the help of a professional. As long as you have all the right equipment, you shouldn’t have too many issues fixing small problems in your property’s plumbing.

Want to know which jobs you can tackle on your own? Here are some of the easiest.

Blocking A Drain

If your sink isn’t emptying, you will most likely have a clogged drain on your hands. If you call a plumber to deal with this, it will only take him a minute or two. But his bill might make it look like he’d been working for an hour! So keep your costs down by sorting this out yourself. The best way to clear a clogged drain is by pouring a mixture of baking powder and vinegar into the drain. This natural solution will, hopefully, eat away at whatever the blockage is. You can also try using a plunger to dislodge any solid matter.

Leaking Faucets

There are lots of different faucet types. Some are incredibly easy to fix if they are leaky. All you will need to do is tighten the joint with a wrench. If you have a faucet that requires a more complicated fix, you can always search online how-tos and YouTube videos for help. Have you noticed a constant drip coming from the faucet? This could be a sign that you need to replace the washer. Make sure you know what type of washer you need, and visit your local hardware store to see if they have any.


Freezing Pipes

One of the main problems that homeowners face during the winter is freezing pipes. Rather than wait for this to become a major problem, there are some things you can do to prevent them from freezing. You will be able to buy special insulation to place around any pipes that are exposed. Keeping your thermostat on low at all times can also make a big difference. However, if you need a specialist service such as heat trace, you will need to call a firm who works with pipes.

Running Toilet

If you notice that your toilet is continually running, it is probably caused by a faulty floater switch or stop valve. This is the large ball that sits in the back of your toilet. It can measure how much water is in the tank. Once it is full, the toilet should stop running. If you jiggle the toilet flush handle a little bit, the running may stop for a short while. To fix it permanently, you will need to reassemble the stop valve. Don’t be worried about getting your hands wet. All the water in your toilet tank is clean!

So why call a plumber when you can do all these jobs yourself?

Get On Up: Easy Fitness Ideas That Don’t Require You To Spend A Fortune!

Keeping fit and healthy used to be something that didn’t cost a penny. In years gone by, many people worked in manual jobs that meant keeping fit was simply a part of everyday life. These days, however, we live a much more sedentary lifestyle. A huge proportion of us works in offices where we are sat down for between seven and ten hours a day. Plus, the sheer abundance of technology as a form of escapism has taken over much of our leisure time too – meaning that when we get home from work, it is too tempting to simply sit on the sofa and watch movies. But all of this adds up to a lifestyle where we are barely moving at all, which can be dangerous for both our mental and physical health. You might be feeling as though you need to get active again but don’t fancy forking out for an expensive gym membership. But not everything needs to cost the earth, as you can find out on Instead, take a look at these tips on how you can get fit on a budget.  


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Workout DVDs

You might feel a little silly prancing around in your living room to a fitness DVD at first. But once you embrace the whole 80’s vibe, it can actually be a great way to get your heart racing and lose some pounds! The good thing about fitness DVDs is that you can get specific ones to match up with your personal goals. So, maybe you want to lose weight from your stomach, or perhaps you want to increase your physical stamina. Whatever it is, there will be a workout DVD for it! If you don’t want to buy a DVD for whatever reason, you can also find similar routines for free on YouTube. Channels such as FitnessBlender have a lot of tutorial videos you can follow for every age and ability.

Look out for fitness discounts

One of the first things that puts someone off getting fit is thinking that they can’t afford the right gear. Even workout gear can be expensive, especially if it’s branded. You may also want to work out at home with your own set of weights, but find that all the sets you look at are way out of your price range. If this sounds like you, don’t just give it up as a lost cause. Find a Code Promo that can get you some money off essential workout items – whether it’s clothing, equipment or even a discounted gym membership. Even huge brands like Adidas often take part in such deals, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product for a fraction of the price.


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Use your imagination

Keeping fit doesn’t have to mean hours spent slaving away in a $40 per month gym. There are actually plenty of ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine without even realising it. For example, do you currently drive to work, even though it only takes you around five minutes? If the drive is five minutes, the walk cannot be more than half an hour at the absolute maximum. Consider getting up a little earlier to make your commute into work on foot, and see your fitness levels shoot up after just a few weeks.

Gift Shopping Made Easy

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There’s always something you need a gift for.  Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, the list goes on and on.  I tend to shop online now-a-days.  With the kids, work and volunteering, I rarely make it into a store.  Groupon has become one of my favorite sites.  I knew Groupon had amazing local deals but recently found out about Groupon Goods, too!

Holiday shopping is coming up and could be stressful time of year. My list grows every year with more friends and family which means my budget grows.  It’s no surprise, I like deals. I planned to purchase gifts online and now I have a one stop shop. Groupon Goods is perfect! Products change regularly and the discounts are deep.

I use Groupon Goods for myself and my home, too.  You can find anything from sheets to jewelry to clothes and more.  If you see something you like (or know someone else would like) don’t hesitate, the goods aren’t there forever, but new ones are coming, too. It’s kind of a win-win.

When we planned our trip to Disneyland I knew I wanted a DVD player for the car.  I got something similar to this one.  I wish I’d found this kind of discount when we were searching!groupon

Take a minute to check out the pages and pages worth of items and remember Groupon Goods the next time you need a gift (or something for yourself).