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Wall Decals For Your Home

**** This is a guest post by Wall Decals Pop.  If you have questions regarding this please see LLandLoL’s disclosure policy. Thank you!

A world map wall decal makes you on the road always.


Man is born to be lonely since we are naked, without anything around our body when we are a newly born infant and pass away after years without anything carry off. There is an old Chinese saying is, people come to the world with empty-handed and leave the world with the empty-handed. Gradually we grow up and we need to learn to be alone in this busy world. We will see the prosperity if we can live well in loneliness.

There are too much things we need to face in the journey of life. So, we need to relax sometimes. That is to say, there must be one on the road, body or soul. But for modern people, there are limited time to spend for a holiday. So, this worldmap wall decal is a great choice to put on your room wall. It will take you to various places you dreamed which from mysterious eastern world to the modern western world. You will see different customs and experience different cultures from this wall decal which you can use your creative imagination.


There are also chalkboard wall decals for planning and recording. After applying this chalkboard, you will clearly see many things in a good order, without any confusion. You also can record things which you think important. And the chalkboard wall decal is really a perfect decoration for children’s room. Such as, nursery, playroom or kindergarten are the learning and creative place for the little children. It can be used for them to writing and drawing.

So, wall decal is filled with aesthetic and originality. You can finish it with your family together which will bring you a harmonious atmosphere. If you want to know more about this product, you can click this page to get more information. You will have a great time here.


Bathroom Designs For Those Who Enjoy Luxury

Nowhere else in the house affords you the ability to steep yourself in luxury like the bathroom. Though it is a practical space, it is also a room to which you retreat in the evenings for a little personal pampering to soak away the stresses of the day.


Warren Noronha

A high-quality bathroom can promote a fast sale if you ever choose to move home; it can affect the value of the place too. The rich and famous invest a great deal  of money in this space where they can show off their wealth with beautiful displays of opulence. Most of us are forced to live on a budget, however, so our designs must be a little more restrained. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for a dull room; far from it.  Here are some discerning bathroom design tips for those who enjoy luxury.


The bathroom suite dominates the room, so choose wisely. There is a vast array of designer pieces out there that will boggle your mind. Think about the latest space age bath design first, unless you prefer a traditional roll top tub.  You may not have room for a separate shower cubicle in there, in which case a shower bath is an ideal solution. They are dual purpose units that do an incredible job.

The shower in the image is a beautiful example of contemporary design. It is a far cry from a standard electric model. You might have to search a bit farther afield than you local plumbing centre to find one, but the internet is a valuable resource for such a task. It is an excellent chance to introduce some technological,  artistic design into the room.

Dual sinks are standard in most bathroom designs today, and once you experience them, you will wonder how you ever coped before. Think about double vanity units to make your bathroom stand out from the rest. Whether you opt for wall mounted or floor standing units, there is something for you to suit every style.

Set The Mood

You can affect the ambiance in the room by lighting it correctly. The bathroom fittings and glass must gleam when you turn on the lights, so it is vital that you use the correct fittings and bulbs in there. There are many LED bulbs on the market that give off a crisp white light that is ideal for the job. There is a fitting for almost every area of the room. Think about these.

  • A bathroom cabinet featuring task lighting is ideal for grooming yourself.
  • There are bath taps that have integral LED lighting to change the colour of the water as it exits.
  • LED fittings can go into the floor and bath panel to add a touch of class to the room.
  • Tape lighting can go almost anywhere; under shelves, below cabinets, etc.

As you can see, the lights are a significant factor in the design.


Underfloor heating is an essential part of luxury bathroom design. No longer must you feel cold when you get climb out of a hot bath on a winter’s evening. The warm floor will heat you from your feet upwards. It is an efficient choice.

If you are about to install a luxury bathroom, I envy you. The last piece of advice is that you stretch your budget to afford the best fixtures and fittings you can. Quality speaks for itself in this setting.  I hope you find these ideas exciting and that you can include them in your design. That’s all for today; enjoy your project.

Schwan’s: Online Grocery Delivery Review + Coupon + GIVEAWAY!

We have started our baseball season and our household is as busy as ever.  Perhaps I should clarify; I am as busy as ever.  The two older boys are now in different levels, with different teams and therefor different schedules!  This means I am at the field EVERYDAY of the week.  Of course, practice starts right around the time I am making dinner, so I am  working on my time management and getting meals ready before practice, to be eaten after practice (which is a bit later than usual for us, but we are adjusting).  Before the season started I took a look at an old favorite of mine: Schwan’s!  As an adult I, truthfully, hadn’t yet ordered from Schwan’s, though I remember it fondly from my childhood.  I had forgotten and never really thought about it until I heard about a coupon code and a light bulb clicked.  So I found Schwan’s online and started checking out the options.  And boy, where there options!!

Schwan's Food Delivery

I never realized how many items there are!  As a kid I just remember loving seeing the frozen Schwan’s boxes in the freezer.  There are meals you can simply heat (in the oven or microwave) and serve.  The list of appetizers, snacks, kids favorites and pastas is unreal.  I believe, most the products I grew up with where from the meat selection; beautiful cut beef, high quality burgers and chicken breasts.

schwan's delivery

With the coupon code NANCIE2 I ordered $50 worth of items for only $40.  I always check how many servings each item contains; with a family of 6 this is important and can really make of break a budget.

Delivery was really quick and the delivery drive was very helpful.  After he left I didn’t see one of my items and I called him using the cell number he’d shared with me.  He was apologetic and hurried to fix the mistake I thought was made.  While I was on the phone I realized the item (beef and pork hot dogs) was in the big bag, just hiding behind my bag of veggies. He was so nice when I cut him off and let him know I’d been the one to make the mistake.

schwans quality food

The amount of food for $40 was really a good size; I am STILL using the bag of veggies in meals.  I definitely recommend checking out the Specials and Hot Deals section of the website.  I used the ingredients for a crowd pleasing Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken.

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Family Travel to Carlsbad, CA With ResorTime

Disclaimer: Some aspects of this vacation were complementary.  All opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

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If you’ve been here for a while, you know that Hubs and I have a goal of at least one family trip each year.  It don’t have to be extravagant or expensive but we want the kids to experience different things and places.  I was bit very early on with the travel bug so I want to share that with my family.  Hubs was on the opposite spectrum in his youth, travelling rarely, and he wants to give our kids more opportunities than he had, in regards to travel.

Family Travel California

This year we packed all the kids up into the minivan and headed to California.  I have been to many parts of CA but never Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego (I place I have visited more than 20 times).  Carlsbad is laid back, quiet and really family oriented.  Let’s not forget, Carlsbad is home to LEGOLAND and I have three boys 5 and under.  I’d been considering a trip to LEGOLAND and wanted to do it before our oldest, the only girl, turned 13 and undoubtedly became a ‘too cool’ teenager.  Regardless, I knew she’d enjoy travelling and the beach. (Spoiler:  She had a ton of fun at LEGOLAND, too).

Carlsbad, CA Hotel

I won’t bore you with the travel details.  We  Hubs drove, kids drove us crazy, I packed too many snacks and we hit traffic.  All things we’d planned for.  We arrived about 30 minutes before our check-in time at Seapointe Resort, a ResorTime partner, but we were able to get right in and get our room keys right away.  I was given the run down of amenities, parking instructions, and info all about the resort and off I went to check out our home away from home for the next few days.

Budget Travel Tips

Our two bedroom condo with full kitchen was amazing!  Our family of six was just right for the two bedroom- we put the kids in one room, while Hubs and I claimed the master suite with the ocean view (all units faced the ocean, which was just across the street).  The kids quickly made the living area into a play room and made themselves right at home.  I brought some stuff for snacks but decided to head to the nearby grocery store to buy some items for meals, I knew spending some money at the store and utilizing the full kitchen would help us stay within budget.

Save Money On Vacation

Staying within budget is the only option for our big family when it comes to vacationing (or anything, really) so before I book any hotels I check out what they offer.  Having to take a family of 6 out to eat for each meal is a deal breaker; so high on my list of needs is a kitchen.  Location is another huge factor when booking a vacation spot.  We save money by using free shuttles or being close enough to local activities to walk.  Searching on ResorTime makes finding the perfect place for you and your families needs super simple.  You can find places in almost any location you are looking for, not just Carlsbad, CA (though, I highly recommend it for a family vacation).

Family Vacation in California

We spent the next couple of days enjoying the activities at Seapointe Resort, playing on the beach, relaxing, borrowing movies from the front desk, grilling and cooking and we even got to check out Grand Palisades Resort (which is a 7 min walk to LEGOLAND) and also a ResorTime resort.  The kids kept referring to our room(s)/condo as ‘home’ and even after we came back to Arizona, my youngest kept asking about our “California home”.  It really did feel like home!

Vacationing with Family

Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter for fun photos and up-to-date happenings of our family!  If you area already following then you probably already saw that I shared a 20% coupon code for!  So not only can you save money in many different ways using the site but you can add savings on top of saving and use this code: INUQN


Make Frugality Fun


frugality   by  Bohman 

The key to living on less is in learning to love the process of doing so. This, in turn, requires more of a shift in your fundamental thinking and approach to life than it does about ways of achieving it. In other words – the frugality follows naturally from the paradigm shift in thinking.

But how do you learn to enjoy frugality in the first place?

Well, if you’ve reached a certain age and you’re finding there are certain things that are continually just out of your grasp – then you’re behaving like the donkey following the carrot on a stick; always wanting something just out of reach, never getting there and feeling continually dissatisfied. Remember that wanting less is a blessing.

As a way around this type of thinking – look backwards instead of forwards and try and think of something you really wanted in the past and that you got. This could be something major like a house or car, or something as simple as an article of clothing, a pair of shoes – or that special piece of fitness equipment that was really going to change your life around if only you could afford it.

When you look back on the thing you did manage to buy – how did it make you feel afterwards? Did it match up to your prior expectations and do you thank yourself for buying it now? Or do you feel that it wasn’t really worth it, that you wished you hadn’t bought it and that you should have invested the money into something else that would hold its value over time – or maybe even appreciate?

If your answer is of the latter, you’re probably being conned by our consumer-led society into wanting things you don’t need. The “sell” society tells us that these things are a mark of success, somehow. If you have the latest all-singing, all-dancing car, then you’re regarded as successful; you’ve arrived – you’re a person going places etc. The reality is that you’ve just ceded a huge portion of your freedom. Cars are a great example because they’re just about the biggest waste of money there is. New ones depreciate enormously in value as soon as you’ve driven them out of the showroom. They cost a lot to service, insure and tax and they do the same basic job as another car you could probably have bought for an absolute fraction of the cost.

Yet still, people all over the world are prepared to sacrifice maybe one, two or many more years’ complete retirement freedom in exchange for a shiny new car today.

This is collective madness – so don’t join in. Instead, try to buy only the things you need to live, and other things that will appreciate over time. Better still, buy capital items. To an economist, capital assets are things which have already been produced, which are durable, non-financial, and (crucially…) which are used in the production of other goods or services. So your house, for example, is not considered to be capital and nor is your car. But both could be construed as capital if they became wealth producing assets through their usage. So, for example, if you could turn your house into a bed and breakfast accommodation or a small hotel etc., or you work from home and need an office to do so – then that part of your house is capital.

Similarly, if you decided to hire your car out to others, or if it was smart enough to use for weddings and other special occasions, or if you decided to use it to become a taxi driver (or you lent it to a taxi firm etc.) it would be construed as capital.

Otherwise, use any spare cash you can generate over and above what you need to invest in the wisest way possible – via stocks and shares, bonds, etc. It may be worth seeing an independent financial advisor if you’re in this sort of situation.

So now we’ve got the investment side of things out of the way, how do we make frugality more fun?

Once you’ve understood the true nature of capital (rather than thinking of it as cash) as we’ve tried to explain above – then you should soon see that the more capital you can set aside, the sooner you’ll be free of any financial yoke and the need to pursue something you don’t like doing for a living.

So look at all your costs and cut them out completely wherever you possibly can. So, for example, instead of paying for a satellite TV subscription, go out and play a sport instead – or encourage your kids to do the same if you have them. Make the sports on normal terrestrial TV more interesting – and do so for free. So, for example, the Rugby Union six nations competition games are on terrestrial TV and with, new subscribers get a £30 free bet – so if you get really lucky, you might make a profit while also gaining the lesser monetary benefits of enjoying the sport and the excitement. You’ll certainly have a heightened interest in a sport that comes with ‘normal’ viewing for no extra cost. There are many other such examples of sports obviously, but dropping the satellite sub can make a huge difference to your monthly “tipping point” of getting you into the black.

Similarly, try eating in rather than going out for a meal when you normally would – but go the extra mile in making it extra special. Often, this is more fun than going out and it’s certainly a whole lot cheaper.

Try re-working your old clothes or buying vintage ones instead. Time spent leaning to sew and a little money spent on a new sewing machine can help you reap rich rewards in terms of creativity and peace of mind, as well as the cash saved.

Try a “staycation” holiday or a camping trip instead of that expensive foreign holiday you usually have. Just put the extra effort into making it a fun experience for everyone in creative ways.

These are just a few ideas of what you may be able to do once you’ve changed your mindset; but do remember that changing the way you think about frugality to begin with is the real key to success here.

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DIY High Quality Chocolate Recipe (WARNING: You Won’t Want to Stop Eating it)

If you love chocolate, you’re not alone. The world is full of chocolate lovers enjoying the benefits of the brown stuff each and every day. High quality chocolate can actually be good for us, we just need to make sure we don’t binge on it! Milk chocolate and white chocolate aren’t as good for us, as they contain more added ingredients and sugar. Some people will tell you that those kinds of chocolate aren’t real chocolate. Making your own high quality chocolate can be very satisfying. If you want to create your own DIY chocolate, read on:

DIY Chocolate

Image Credit


Before you make your own high quality chocolate, you’ll need the ingredients. You may be able to find these in your local supermarket, or you may need to go to a health store for them. The following ingredients will result in a higher quality bar of chocolate:


  • Half a cup of cocoa butter.
  • Half a cup of coconut oil.
  • Half a cup of raw organic cocoa powder.
  • Half a cup of agave syrup. You can also use honey or raw cane sugar.


If you’d like to add some fancy bits to your chocolate, feel free to do so. You’ll create something worthy of a place on a site like Here are some ideas:


  • Goji berries.
  • Raisins.
  • Nuts.
  • Chili powder.


Use your imagination! Now, onto the best bit…


  1. Grate half a cup of your cocoa butter as it is usually easier to work with this way. It melts quicker, which is always a good thing. Measure out half a cup of your coconut oil too.
  2. Place those 2 ingredients in a bowl that can be heated up safely, and then place that in a pan containing hot water (not boiling). Stir this every now and again until it has a smooth consistency.
  3. Measure out half a cup of your cocoa powder. If you’re adding fancy ingredients at this point, mix it into the powder now so long as they are dry.
  4. Mix those ingredients into the bowl with the oil and butter. Stir until smooth.
  5. You’ll probably want to make your chocolate taste nice and sweet, so pour your sweetener into the mixture and stir it up well.
  6. You can taste the chocolate at this point to make sure it tastes how you like it. You can add ingredients like berries now too.
  7. When you’re sure your mixture is perfect you can pour it onto a pan, in a plate/bowl, or on another suitable surface. Freeze the chocolate for 30 minutes or chill it for 60.
  8. Your chocolate should now be ready to eat! If you share this with your friends and family, I guarantee they’ll be impressed with your culinary skills.


If you loved making that, plenty more delicious recipes can be found here. Cooking is a great skill, and chocolate is a great food. Mix the two together, and you can’t go wrong!

Have you tried this recipe? How did it go? Leave a comment to let us know. See you next time!

How To Plan A Stress-Free House Move And Enjoy It

People reckon that moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do. The stress begins when you put your existing property up for sale and nervously twiddle your thumbs until a buyer turns up. You also have to find a beautiful new home that ticks all of your boxes; that can be a headache! movingpost

Image source Here

Let’s say that you found a new place and have just accepted an offer on your old one. Now is the time to start making plans for moving day. Whether you buy or rent a new home, the process is identical. Preparation now will save a lot of stress and heartache when the time comes, so don’t assume that any detail is too small to consider. Make A Timeline Now that you have found a property to let in Harborne, the clock is ticking. Draw a timeline that starts tomorrow and ends on moving day. You must populate that line with details of every aspect of the move. Note the date you must start a task, and the date by which it must be complete. Many of items might only be telephone calls, but others could take weeks to complete. Here are things to include in your plan.

  • Contact removals companies and invite them to your home to quote a price for their services. It is not always wise to accept the lowest quote; listen carefully to what they have to say. Sometimes your gut feeling will help you to choose the right people for the job. You might be able to give them the exact date for the move, particularly if you are renting a new home, so place a firm booking with them.
  • Do you intend to pack your belongings yourself? If so you must allow plenty of time to do so. If you think it will take two weeks to pack; allow three. It is better to sit for a week with your belongings in order, than to suffer the stress of last minute packing. Ask the removal company to supply you with sturdy boxes that stack well in the lorry. They will charge, but it is worth the cost.
  • Find the phone numbers of the utility companies and ask them what the procedure is for moving your account to the new place. Energy suppliers might ask for a final reading on the day, so keep those numbers handy and mark it on the timeline.
  • Look for kennels or catteries where you can send your pet pooch or cat for a couple of days while you move. Pets are a cause of stress that you can remove from the equation.
  • Ask relatives if your children can stay with them until you are in your new home. You cannot afford the distraction of children if you are to concentrate on the job in hand.
  • Inform the school that your children will be off for a couple of days. Maybe you are taking them to a new school; let their old school know about it. Look for the new one in plenty of time too.

If you populate the timeline well and act on the information there, the move will go without a hitch. There are many more things to consider; put them in their proper place. It’s easy when you know how.

Save Money and Help Operation Smile with Campus Book Rentals

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post of an awesome company I really like.  I have personally used Campus Book Rentals and I am a fan.  All opinions are, as always, 100% my own!

With all that has been going on in my personal life I decided to take this semester off.  It is killing me, because I know just how close I am to finally being done.  I am going to school to learn all I can and hopefully start a career in event planning and management.  I have been so blessed to be able to work a bit in the field while going to school but, for me, finishing school is important and I can’t wait to get back in it and finish this long but rewarding journey.  I plan to head back next semester- if I can get all the kiddos schedules to work.  As of now, they are all in school but, wouldn’t you know, on different schedules.  I always have at least one kid with me at home.

School is expensive and I am definitely in some student loan debt.  It is the only debt we have, at this time though, and I am proud of that.  But as you all know; I’m trying to live on less over here.  Book prices are not helpful when it comes to a budget.  I spend anywhere from $75 to $250 on EACH BOOK.  Which is why Campus Book Rentals is such a relief.  Their prices for books are great and they have a RentBack program that  allows students to rent the textbooks they own – to other students… which is awesome because it makes them 2-4x more money compared to what you might make through buyback options!

The perks of using Campus Book Rentals:

-save 40-90% off of bookstore prices
-free shipping both ways
-can highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-donatation to Operation Smile with each textbook rental

Check out this video about the RentBack program:


Campus Book Rentals not only helps save student money, they donate to Operation Smile with each text book rented.  You are to get those books anyway, why not get them for less while doing a bit of good