Expensive Habits – Is It Time to Stop

We all have little habits that make us happy. Maybe you love to get your nails done, or you have to have that coffee in the morning. These habits can give us pleasure, but they can also end up costing us. The question is, is the expense worth it? You can’t give up everything you enjoy just to save money. But, on the other hand, you shouldn’t waste essential funds on habits that don’t do much for you. If you want to decide whether to give something up, you need to weigh up whether it makes you happy. Try asking yourself these questions.

Is It a Healthy Habit?

The first thing to consider is whether your habit is healthy. This means is it good for you financially, as well as for your health? For example, you might think that smoking makes you happy. However, it only relaxes you because you satisfy your cravings. Giving up could save you a lot of money and improve your health. The same can be said for many other habits that might affect your physical or mental health. But many habits might be great for you. Maybe you love taking the train at the weekend so you can go to the beach.

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Does It Make You Happy?

It can be hard for us to determine whether a habit makes us happy. We do them because we’ve done them for a long time. We assume they must make us feel pleasure, otherwise, we would stop doing them, right? But sometimes the only reason we keep doing something is that we have done it for so long. You need to really think about whether something makes you happy. Maybe you don’t ever win much of anything on Lottoland, but you love the thrill of imagining that you could. Perhaps that first sip of expensive coffee in the morning is what starts your day off right.

Are There Alternatives?

You can consider whether there are alternatives to your habit that could save you money. Maybe you love going to the gym, but you could enjoy yourself just as much by going for a run or working out at home. If you love coffee from Starbucks, perhaps making your own at home is cheaper and tastier. There’s never just one way to do something. You could continue the habit you love but take the DIY route or make it less expensive in another way.

How Much Could You Save?

Another important thing to consider is how much you could save by giving up your habit. If it means saving a dollar a week, is it really worth it? Perhaps, if you’re really trying to pinch pennies. But sometimes it’s not worth removing the little pleasures from life for a tiny saving. You have to make sure there is joy and small indulgence to keep you happy. However, if you could save a lot on a gym membership or your car, for example, it could be worth it. Any habit that costs you money could be affecting your budget. But don’t give it up right away without considering the pros and cons.