When Should I Upgrade My Smartphone

When a shiny new smartphone upgrade comes out, your first thought might be ‘I want it!’ But of course, want and need are two different things entirely. These companies know exactly what to do to make us swoon over their products, so it’s important to make the decision for yourself whether it’s actually worth upgrading. Here are a few points to bear in mind when making the decision

Does your current phone still work?

If your phone is still in perfect working order, do you really need to upgrade it? The newer model might have all the exciting new bells and whistles you could hope for, but if your current phone still does you fine then perhaps it’s worth waiting a while. However, if you’re dealing with a cracked screen, severe wear and tear or a battery that no longer lasts, then upgrading could be an option.

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The battery tends to be the thing that wears the quickest in technology like this, and if yours is no longer lasting you the day, then it’s no longer providing the function you need. But before taking the plunge, have a look at your current handset. Does it do the job you need it to? If it does then upgrading is just a luxury.

Are you still tied to a contract?

Most of the big smartphone companies will release a new phone each year. But mobile contracts are generally two years. And so if you love having the latest in technology this can pose a problem. A good quality smartphone will easily last you for the two years of your contract (and actually a lot longer if they’re taken care of properly). So if you’re still within the contract, it’s usually worth waiting until you come to the end of this before upgrading.

Can you afford it?

New smartphones, particularly when they’re just released will cost a significant amount. Once you’re tied into a contract, you’re then paying this for the next two years. Can you afford this payment- not just now but for the next twenty-four months? Often the price will come down slightly after the first few weeks and so it could be worth waiting.

Alternatively, you could look for deals and offers online. Paytm Coupons at many coupons.co.in and others will all knock a bit of money off, so if you are going to upgrade, be sure to shop around first. If you’re going to upgrade and your current phone is still in good condition, you could sell it and put the money towards the cost of the new contract. A good way to keep costs down.

Our smartphones are important pieces of kit in our daily lives. They act as a means of communication, our calendar, notepad, alarm clock, calculator and so much more. And so owning a good one is always worthwhile. But how often you need to upgrade will depend on the factors above. So decide if you really need a new phone, or are just craving a shiny new piece of technology. If not, regular upgrading may just be an expensive habit!

How often do you upgrade your smartphone?